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Section blanking describes cases where someone deletes all the content from one or more sections of an article. This "someone" is often "anonymous or an unexperienced user." When registered Uncyclopedians delete all the content from a section, it is proof that the original material was not very clever. When Admins delete all the content from a section, the technical term is "preparing the article for featuring."

Two thousand years ago, section-blankers were part of a commonwealth that ravaged Ancient Rome. Section blanking was made a crime, with guilty parties sent to prison for two years.

In the vicinity of Flint, Michigan, the terminal stages of "urban renewal" are using section blanking. Entire sections (one-mile-square subdivisions of townships) are being visited by bulldozers, which remove the tenements and slums built under previous "urban renewal" programs, after politely requesting residents to please find a different ghetto.

edit Section filling

Section filling is the contrary of section blanking, but the effects of which are as devastating. This technique, previously often used by romantic writers, has become a cliché.

edit Blank sections and blanked sections

Blanked sections should not be confused with sections intentionally created blank. Blanked sections tell nothing, while blank sections can tell a lot. An example is below:

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