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This article pertains to Scottish things, dae nothin tae to fix this. It is recommended that while reading this article you wear a kilt,
drink Irn-Bru, eat Jock pies and sing Auld Lang Syne loudly.
Failure to observe these precautions could cause you unexpected distress and a life of misery in Falkirk.

“Right...We're going to need to keep the country more focused on the areas that don't inbreed, the other parts should either be exterminated or ignored”
~ Tony Visconti on Places in Scotland
The Doctor

Tony Visconti Contemplateing the future north of Scotland

There are many places in this terrible country; come and visit them if you're not Foreign, it'll be just like The Wicker Man but with the Catholoicism left out and the Toothless Britt Eckland left in!!

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