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“Science fiction is the only genuine consciousness-expanding drug...well, that and orange kittens.”
~ C.S. Lewis on Sci-fi

Science Fiction actually was already writing about Black Holes back in the 1700's, long before their actual creation!

Science fiction is a Bilateral expression of Non-Newtonian space and time. By channeling an expanded thesaurus through an array of typewriter monkeys, one can create an excuse to have old men flying around with glowing swords. Peow, Peow, Peow.

Science fiction was devised by the leading Enlightenment figures Hume, John Locke and McLusky as a method of promoting public understanding of science, through the use of scientific theory as the starting point for fictional works. The typical science fiction novel takes contemporary scientific ideas such as time travel, space travel or gay sex, and expands upon them in such as way as to create dramatic scenarios and explore ethical issues.

However, the whole plan stalled because the only people attracted to science fiction are persons interested in science, such as scientists. Science fiction is written by its greatest fans, who, being experts in science, make the underlying scientific basis more and more elaborate until it takes more mental effort to understand science fiction than it does to understand science itself.

For example, there are currently 2564 papers published on dilithium crystals, but only 234 published on nuclear fusion. Thirty-one universities worldwide now offer courses in Battlestar Galactica, and there is now a Professor of flux capacitor|Flux Capacitance at the University of Basildon. At the University of Washington-DC-Is-A-State-Dammit, a team of scientists is trying to find the Strutting Ladies cosmological fold. Most scientists however consider this science fiction.

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Works of Science fiction


Some examples of Science Fiction

According to many science fiction authors, the best science fiction ever written is Isaac Asimov's tax returns. Sadly they are not publicly available, and may be a bit blander than announced.

Some examples of science fiction:

Fiction As Science

The Science of Fiction is a complex theory that Language is actually Maths; Fiction (F) is an expression of Language (L). Through Science Fiction (Sf), Language (L) becomes Science (S). Following the theory that Biology (B) is actually Chemistry (C) which is actually Physics (P) which is nothing but Maths (M), it is logical that the Science of Fiction can be nothing but Maths.


F * L/B + (Sf + LSM)^PCF


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