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Dear Dr. Perry More,

I have been asked to contact you by the organisers of the 1905 international lottery in Thailand (that was quite a while ago!), because I have been told that I am the winner of US$550.000.00.

Let me tell you that the company you work for has a very complicated name (Lottery Winners Thailand International programs) and just now I've spent ten minutes typing it. I don't know where I can post my feedback, so please forward it to someone who is able to do something about that. Another thing is that the English your colleagues use is very peculiar. If you are suffering from the lack of trust from your clients, it is probably because your emails look like scam. If my grandfather hadn't told me a great deal about these international lotteries in which he took part every year, I myself would have never believed you.

By the way, you probably mistook me for this grandfather, because I don't remember participating in any lottery whatsoever or going to Thailand. On the other hand, he is now dead and I am his legitimate heir.

None of my Nigerian friends who promised me a high post in the press has responded yet, so the prize you are offering me is more than welcome! Please accept my vivid acknowledgements and would you be so kind as to redirect them to the person in charge of the lottery.

You can send the money to Grapes Inc., an enterprise of which I am a proud CEO.

Faithfully yours,

The lucky winner of the 1905 lottery
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