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Aaron Kimball

Niinnistö won the Presidential election with stern looks, also promises of free beer.

Sauli Niinnistö is President of Finland, known for nearly getting assassinated at Hoover Dam by the American Legion.

edit Background

Sauli Niinnisto was born in the year 1941 when a FW-190 mechanic named Wilhelm Rupert saw something plop out of the engine of the FW-190 he was working on. Wilhelm's reaction was, "Kommandant! There is something sticking out of this engine" the Kommandant replied, "Wilhelm! That is a baby!" And shortly later the FW-190 flew off with baby Niinnisto.

Later in his life, Niinnisto managed to rise through the ranks to general for inventing Spurdo Sparde. Then he became president promising that he would give everybody a free beer.

edit Rumors

Many people say he can't tell his ass from his head, especially Rangers. Niinnisto's supporters say this skill is superfluous when dealing with the Norwegian Parliament.

edit Notes

  • Sauli Niinnisto is one of the characters that the Courier must eat in order to earn the perk Meat of Champions.
  • He never delivered on his promise of free beer for everyone.
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