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Satan during his years in Hollywood, portraying villain Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon.

Satan (who also goes by the aliases Lucifer, The Devil, and Beelzebub to avoid tax collectors) is the primary antagonist in the best-selling Christian novel The Bible. His character is usually comically considered the epitome of evil, and he is often feared, mocked, or just marginalized. In crafting his image — the horns, hooves, trident used for prodding passerby or sending his enemies to the depths, and all — the Catholic Church took inspiration from the Wiccan Horned God and the Greek god Pan, turning loved archetypes into an evil presence though the wonders of propaganda.

edit Dispute with God


Mike taking out the trash.

Satan and God had a bit of an argument way back when over who should call the shots about what happens to the entire universe. Satan began by laying out his points in a fairly logical fashion, but that's when it all went to hell (pun intended). This discussion between the two of them was the catalyst that sparked God's pretend rage, causing some major smiting and Satan being thrown just outside of the Pearly Gates where he set up his own kingdom and a lemonade stand.

Although Satan found himself just outside the pearly gates he wasn't about to take it lying down so he summoned up legions of pretend demons from the pretend eternal fires to strike back. Meanwhile, back in heaven, God was watching this unfold. So he asked Michael the Archangel and said, "Mike, take care of it." Michael got a bunch of angels down to the gates. It wasn't much of a fight, though, as the angels cast all of the devils out of heaven into the Pit of Hell in a fashion that would be imitated millions of years later by Leonidas and the Spartans.

God has laughed about what happened that day ever since, but because Satan and God are both invincible, the dispute has never ended, except in arm wrestling, drinking contests, Tic-Tac-Toe, and the occasional wet t-shirt contest.

edit Hobbies


Satan loves to cook, but is usually too busy to do so. Here's one of his blacksmiths preparing his lovely banana bread.

Satan is an accomplished fiddler, and routinely plays with a band of demons at various venues in Georgia. He also owns the world's largest pornography collection known to any mortal civilization which even rivals Pee Wee Herman's extensive collected works. Other famous collections include one of the world's largest number of souls owned by one man, second only to Michael Jackson. The souls in the collection come from many different areas across the world. Some of his other favorite daily activities are golfing, torturing the Damned, and taking over the world.

But Satan isn't all bad. Sometimes he likes long walks on the lava listening to the songs of the screaming with his dog Fluffy. His favorite thing to do on a date is to go out and club baby seals. Satan is rumored to enjoy Cheez Whiz and hot chocolate with just a smidgen of whipped cream and a flake. Sometime even with a little dark chocolate, oh he is SO spoiled!

As covered in the '70s documentary film The Exorcist, Satan occasionally enjoys taking control of otherwise innocent people, a phenomenon known as "possession". While under Satan's spell, subjects appear to be overcome by funny insanity, often mumbling complete nonsense.

edit Influences

edit Music

Satan has inspired genres of music such as death metal and black metal; among the metal personalities that claim to have business relations with Satan are bands too nasty to mention. However, in a statement issued as a response to Christian groups, Satan remarked that "Many of these so-called 'Satanists' would not realize if they found themselves in Hell." This has been amusing him since the early-to-mid 20th century, when he invented record companies.

Satan is also affiliated with the rap industry and making deals with Jay-Z and Beyonce with exposure of the aluminary and demon Sasha Fierce. He also apparently knows how to play the fiddle, but isn't very good at it, and his band once lost a battle of the bands to a little boy from Georgia named Johnny and a bunch of chicken. Don't mention this to the big guy though, unless you want a face full of fire.

Satan is mentioned or alluded to in a large number of songs, such as "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones, "Lucifer Sam" by Pink Floyd, "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC, "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, and if you play "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin backwards while they're singing "If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now...", it really sounds like "Here's to my sweet Satan" and "I sing because I live with Satan" (seriously dude, try it).

edit Gaming

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Satan.

Satan's influence extends well beyond the field of music. He is credited with inventing the popular role-playing game known as Dungeons and Dragons that on occasion has inspired teenagers to commit group suicide as well as the MMORPG World of Warcraft (aka WoW as in "wow I can't believe it's been that long since I last had a shower) which is completely evil. If one looks at either the man hours lost to playing the game or the child fatality body count from neglect, it becomes apparent quickly that Satan had a hand in its creation as well as the improvement of the subsequent expansion packs. It is the perfect weapon for Satan to place in the hands of humanity as they will proceed to kill one another (counting in-game) as well as destroy their own "lives" if you can call them lives anymore.

edit Satanism

Main article: Satanism

Satanists are people who follow Satanism, a cult full of people who are intent on devout absolution, that follow a decree of indulgence as witnessed by the Church of Satan. Satanists are known to be at odds with most everything Christians love, yet own control of everything the government says you are not allowed. The lair of a typical Satanist is a dark misery quorum, where a human can reflect on their actions to ponder why their peers must succumb to a feeble world. Although the description looks bad, Satanism does not worship anarchy, they are probably just seeking attention after a history of abuse observation of allies and comrades doing something against the social normality; and they know that the Christians are the worshipers and idolaters mentioned in the Bible, in research, and found in every correlation in life existing in connection with Dick Cheney, the dark lord.

edit Why do people like him?


Satan: not such a bad guy after all?

In the story of the Garden of Eden God told man not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because he wanted all animals to live in peace and have free will. Without free will there is no love, so when Satan told man to eat of the tree he gave him the ability to love. People find this funny because:

  1. Satanists think it's funny because people think God created love.
  2. Atheists think someone made a story up once, so that proves there is no God.
  3. Luciferians think it's funny that the Atheists are doing their job for them.
  4. Agnostics think it's funny, cause it might be true but it isn't although in reverse.
  5. Christians don't think it's funny, because they don't think.

Other benefits for Satans followers include free heating, being allowed to torture people, and all-you-can-eat BBQ meat for the rest of eternity.

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