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Racism Warning!
This article might offend some minorities, but, alas, as they are not in majority, we follow the democratic tradition and will vote regarding the contents.

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Sarcastic Racism is the belief that one's own race is inferior to all or most others, and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of all other races. In common Sarcastic Racism, one may believe that their own race should be denied rights or benefits while a completely misanthropic minority of people will use their own race as a basis to sarcastically insult other races, but while maintaining a hatred of their own race to a greater or to the same degree, i.e. a White American calling a African-American individual 'Craker' or 'Vanillaface' can be diagnosed as a Misanthropic Sarcastic Racist.

edit Sarcastic Racism and people with low self-esteem and pride in their race

Sarcastic Racism can, and is often, used by people with low self-esteem or a complete lack of pride in their race to make them look as shit people as they think they are, but because Sarcastic Racism is sarcastic and considered 'cool' , it has the adverse effect.

edit Sarcastic Racism and Misanthropists

~ Sarcastically racist White man on Black men

Misanthropists use Sarcastic Racism to, anyone in general, because of their belief that racial terms for themselves are derogatory and insulting and can therefore be used to great effect. It is generally utilised by Misanthropists who have a negative IQ or that think being sarcastic makes them look 'cool', so generally people with a negative IQ. If they had a positive IQ they would recognize that it is non-sarcastic racism that has the greater derogatory effect.

edit Sarcastic Racism and Pussies

Sarcastic Racism is often employed by racist Pussies as an alternative to normal racism under the belief that it will not get them into a fight with, for example, a big black man that may very well rape them. Twice. Usually, however, this is not the case because the victim of the racism either detects hints of it despite it being sarcastic, or recognizes the user of the sarcastic racism as being a complete fucking twat, and likewise batters them one.

Despite this, Pussies still insist on using sarcastic techniques for racism.

edit Sarcastic Racism as an excuse

“Don't worry, it was only Sarcastic Racism
~ Don Imus on Black footballers

Sarcastic Racism can, and is often, used as an excuse avoid any consequences of the use of conventional racism because of sarcastic racism widely being considered self-derogatory. This may even lead to sympathy for the user. This usually fails, however, because everybody fucking knows the difference between insulting oneself and insulting another just as they can tell piss from shit unless they're a complete fucking downer.

edit Sarcastic Racism and Actual Sarcastic Motherfucking Bastards Fuckfaces

A skilled Sarcastic cunt person will use Sarcastic Racism because normal racism is widely considered un-sarcastic and therefore banned under the Sarcastic Cunts' Persons' bible, unless the user is so sarcastic that anything they say is sarcastic, in which case conventional racism is preferred for obvious reasons. So basically sarcastic racism, when used by sarcasmists, is used by wannabes who should probably just go fuck themselves.

In the instance sarcastic racism is used by sarcasm enthusiasts, it is different from most sarcastic racism in that it is basically just good old normal conventional racism with the laws of sarcasm applied. In this case, the victim of the racism is likely to beat up the user for merely being sarcastic and not for the racism itself. Serves them right.

edit Victims of Sarcastic Racism

Unlike with conventional racism, whereby the racist is likely to get shanked stabbed, (especially if the victim of the racism is Black), in Sarcastic Racism the black guy is likely to stab you for being such a fucking twat and using Sarcastic Racism, but will give you first aid or buy you a pint afterwards.

Because sarcastic racism is so different to conventional racism, it may not even be considered offensive by the victim, who may instead choose to give sympathy to the user just as they would with anyone else with supposed low self-esteem.

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