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“Fucking copycats!”
~ Dynasty Warriors on Samurai Warriors
“I kill your family! (and strike out your lies... Italics MINE!!!)”
~ Samurai Warriors on Dynasty Warriors

Samurai Warriors is a video game franchise made by Koei and many samurai who wish to spread their tales. The games are most notable for containing characters such as Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune and the tendency to ripoff stand out from every single 65+ Dynasty Warrior. Three Samurai Warriors games have been released so far, being three too many.


I see no resemblance.


The characters from Samurai Warriors are the same as very different from Dynasty Warriors, with the exception also newly introducing the likes of a few fat sumo wrestlers and a few ninjas. Yukimura Sanada does not whatsoever resembles Zhao Yun in any way, and Cao Cao and Nobunaga Oda do not resemble each other at all. Zhang He and Kojiro Sasaki definitely do not share gay similarities.


Typical Samurai Warrior.


The stages in Samurai Warriors also resemble do not look like anything seen in the Dynasty Warriors stages. The battle of Changban and the Battle of Mikatagahara both share nosimilarities.

I see your edits

Prick! I see what you've done! You don't accept the fact Samurai Warriors is a ripoff of Dynasty Warriors and edited the page to make you look good. What do you have to say about that?

-Dynasty Warrior

NO! You lies are bad! Bad!

Do you have no shame? You die for what you done there! You disown Samurai because you think Three Kingdoms superior and good! I kill you until you die from it! -Samurai Warriors

Bring it bitch!

You do realize I can kill you in one blow! Fucking die! -Dynasty Warrior

You good! Not good enough!

DIE! -Samurai Warrior

You suck balls!

You can't even make a scratch on me! -Dynasty Warrior

I surrender!

You good, very good indeed. -Samurai Warrior

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