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Sally and Chica is an often-mistaken YouTube show, which most people had vivid memories of it being aired on television in 1995 by Aardman Animations, but it turns out that was another huge example of the Mandela Effect. Whatever. The show centres around two young female talking dogs who live in Canada, in the alternate universe where everyone practices socialism, in the alternate universe where it even works.

edit Plot

Nobody knows how the hell the show came to be and what everyone's main goal is as there is absolutely no plot in the show, and even Einstein cannot describe it. It is known, however, that Bernie Sanders is the prime minister of Canada, and propagandized everyone with the ideology of "socialism". Everyone must be more social with everyone, hug strangers, and make whoopee with every immigrant that moves in, especially the British ones.

edit Characters

  • Sally Pearson

Sally is the main protagonist of the show, as well as the granddaughter of the controversial Canadian prime minister Lester B. Pearson. She has a relationship with Chica, and also has to cope with her defiant sister, Bellatrix.

  • Chica Rodriguez

  • Bellatrix Pearson

Bellatrix is Sally's older sister, as well as the source of all arrogance in the entire show. [image: Bella's super long leg] Due to being genetically modified since birth, Bella's left leg is monstrously longer than her right one. How's she able to do flips and tricks with that leg anyways?

  • Remy Davis

Remy is heavily based off from Homer Simpson, in both looks, voice, and mannerisms.

Remy is the exact dog version of Homer J. Simpson, as he looks just like him and shares the exact same voice actor, Dan Castellaneta. The show's creator, Aurelia, receives countless lawsuits from the famous YouTube Pooper Jimmy Davis, who is still suing her for copyright infringement, due to Remy Davis and Jimmy Davis having almost the exact same names. Remy and Raya had countless collusion accusations like how Donald Trump does with Russia, so Remy and Raya had to end these by finally getting in the zone as fast as possible.

[image: hotel] Remy and Raya's sexual relationship all started in some barn on an oil rig, (or is it actually one of those hotels from Monopoly?) because nobody wants to go "south of the border" flat on the title deed.

  • Lily West

  • Phoenix Dawson

Phoenix is the most accurate depiction of Americans on YouTube, but not as accurate as the Ferengi from Star Trek: The Next Generation depicts them on national television. His parents named him that because he was conceived in Phoenix, Alberta; unluckily, his older brother was named Backseat. He does nothing all his life but play videogames and eat food, much like what you did when you finished high school.

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