The average techno-nerd would love to devise formal code for this Emo Grrrl, as an alternative to actually meeting her and chatting her up.

SGML, which stands for Suicide Girl Markup Language, is the industry-preferred markup language for the description of emos and suicide girls.

SGML is a descendant of RGML, Misery's Riot Grrrl Markup Language developed in the 1960s by Sean Suicide, Missy Suicide (no relation) and Jon Bosak (of the W3C consortium).

SGML should not be confused with XML, the eXtreme Markup Language developed by ESPN to support its Extreme Games, nor HTML, the Heart Tattoo Markup Language that began as a standardised format for defining those heart-shaped tattoos used to proclaim undying love for a significant other, and has since been expanded to cover other emoticons and equally pointless utterances.



Writing a specification for SuicideGirls in Arabia can be done more concisely, if one finishes in time.

SGML provides a wide variety of elements to describe physical features, body modifications and favourite bands.

SGML was originally designed to enable the sharing of nude photos (often in tasteful black and white) and MySpace friends. It has been adopted in post-feminist industries such as academia and pornography. It has also been used extensively in the printing and publishing industries, but its complexity has prevented its widespread application for small-scale general-purpose use.

Syntax exampleEdit

The following SGML snippet describes a Suicide Grrrl who resides near Anaheim, California and works as a "greeter" at Walmart:

<GRRRL TYPE="riot">
    <TATTOO LOCATION="left breast">
             <IMAGE UNIQUENESSLEVEL="cliche">snake</IMAGE>

As a general rule, the toenail and fingernail fonts default to black.

SGML is formally cited as standard ISO 38DD.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about SGML.

XML (eXtreme Markup Language) is derived from SGML and now dwarfs SGML in terms of breadth of applications, thanks to its ability to define not only suicide girls but also professional skateboarders and lead singers for punk bands such as Johnny Rotten. XML is a simplification of SGML for general-purpose applications, and is widely used by record companies in search of new "talent."

Many languages are related in part to SGML and XML, but, because they cannot be parsed or validated or otherwise processed using standard SGML and XML tools, they cannot be considered to be applications of SGML or XML. One example is the DD (DealingDeath) Format, a language designed for extremist Christians.

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