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“Rugrats? Do they like, have rats crawling on rugs there? Ewww!”
~ Paris Hilton on Rugrats
“Really? You think this is funny?”
~ Sandra Bullock on Rugrats
Directed by Rob Reiner
Written by Arlene Klasky
Gabor Csupo
Stephen King
Starring Jason Statham
Brad Dourif
Daeg Faerch
Dakota Fanning
Whoopi Goldberg
Pamela Anderson
Sean Connery
Tom Hanks
Rick Mornais
Produced by Stephen King
Rob Reiner
Rick Rubin
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date August 11, 2004
Runtime 3 hrs. 20 min.
Language English
baby talk
Budget $800,675,309
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Rugrats is a live-action 2004 action-adventure movie from New Line Cinema. It stars Jason Statham as Tommy Pickles, Brad Dourif as Chuckie Finster, Daeg Faerch as Phil DeVille, Dakota Fanning as Lil DeVille, Misty as Kimi Finster, Stewie Griffin as Dil Pickles, Whoopi Goldberg as Susie Carmichael, and Pamela Anderson as Angelica -- six babies and two three-year-olds who go on an excellent, action-packed adventure. It also stars Sean Connery as Grandpa Lou Pickles, who falls asleep when he is supposed to be watching the kids; Tom Hanks as Stu Pickles, father of Tommy; and Rick Moranis as Drew Pickles, father of Angelica. The film is rated PG-13 for strong language, styled action violence, and mild sexual situations (Tommy loses his diaper in a couple scenes). The score was written by John Williams and the film's aspect ratio is 2:35:1.

edit Plot

Rick Moranis

Drew Pickles (Rick Moranis) discovers that the babies are missing.

When Didi Pickles (Rue McClanahan), Betty DeVille (Jodie Foster), Kira Finster (Brenda Song), Charlotte Pickles (Michelle Pfeiffer), and Lucy Carmichael (Angela Bassett) decide to go to the spa for the day, they leave the men -- Stu (Tom Hanks), Drew (Rick Moranis) and Grandpa Lou Pickles (an underused and miscast Sean Connery) -- in charge of the babies. Meanwhile, Stu and Drew score tickets to a Van Halen concert and leave Grandpa in charge of the kids. Bad idea.

TomHanks Pimen 8667555 400

Stu Pickles (Tom Hanks) dreads telling Didi the bad news.

When Grandpa falls asleep in his chair while watching It's a Wonderful Life -- the film takes place in August -- the Rugrats break out of their playpen after being told by Angelica (Pamela Anderson) that a coveted treasure is buried at the park, under the slide. They cross dangerous streets, use rough language, nearly strangle each other, curse out enemies and bullies, drink their bottles of milk, beat the crap out of the tough kids they encounter, and take naps in the process.

Rugrats spaceballs

Stu (Tom Hanks) and Didi (Rue McClanahan) are arguing in this scene from Rugrats.

When Stu and Drew return from the Van Halen concert, they are furious at Grandpa, yelling such lines as, "Where the hell are the kids, fart-face?!!!" and "Take a nap, bastard! Take one more nap, and I'll blow your fucking head off!!" In this scene, Drew (Rick Moranis) only says lines from Ghostbusters II for no apparent reason. (See the Trivia section below) They are reluctant to tell the women and decide to search for the kids themselves, TiVo-ing the Geraldo special before setting off. They search everywhere, but are unable to find the kids. It is not until they go back home and watch the Geraldo special that they discover where the children are, as the tots were caught on camera. Just as you would think the man and babies would arrive home before Didi and company, the women start yelling, slapping, and cursing out the men. In the end, everybody lives happily ever after.

edit Chucky's Father

Chaz Finster deleted scene

Deleted Chaz Finster scene from Rugrats.

Chucky's father, Charles "Chaz" Finster, was supposed to be a character in this film, but the producers were unable to cast their choice for the role, Jeff Foxworthy, due to salary disputes and scheduling conflicts with the Blue Collar Tour. The character was animated and voiced by Wallace Shawn, but Chaz never made the final cut. Chaz's footage, long believed to be destroyed, resurfaced on January 8, 2008, when New Line Cinema cleaned out their vaults. New Line and Nickelodeon may use the footage on an upcoming DVD of the film -- the first of its kind as the film has yet to see a DVD release. A short-lived animated TV series based on Rugrats regularly featured the babies and their parents, including Chaz. The spelling of "Chaz" was inconsistent throughout the show's run, being spelled as "Chazz," "Chas," and even "Cheese."

edit Triva

  • Daeg Faerch and Dakota Fanning landed the roles of Phil and Lil, respectively, based on their striking resemblance to each other.
  • The producers had a hard time convincing Rick Moranis to appear in this film. After he repeatedly refused the offer, the two parties reached a compromise -- clips from other Moranis movies would be used to portray Drew Pickles. This is why you can occasionally see a ghost or tiny kids and the entire cast of Spaceballs in the background. Moranis's final physical appearance in a live-action film was in the 1998 sequel, Honey, I Shrunk My Acting Career. He has since demoted himself to animated features and bluegrass music.
  • Tom Hanks was to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but withdrew his name out of embarrassment. He said, "Even Dragnet was better than this crap. Who would pay money to see a 40-year-old man in a diaper?" Dragnet was a 1987 comedy in which Hanks co-starred with Dan Aykroyd; it was based on the classic TV crime drama.

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