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edit Origins

edit Reason for Mutating

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the reason that The Great Duck was brought to life when a bottle of Oasis was poured on him... this along with the with the same radiation which effect Godzilla, made Rubberduckzilla into the Great Duck he is now

Of course, everything has their strengths and weaknesses; His strength comes from Oasis and the love of Japanese students, and his weakness is water

“Oasis is a Juice”
~ Captain Obvious on Rubberduckzilla & Oasis
“Rubberduckzilla enjoyed my 'Juice' too”
~ Oscar Wilde on Rubberduckzilla

edit Epic Battles

Obviously, being a giant monster and living in Japan, Rubberduckzilla was bound to get into fights.

Godzilla vs Rubberduckzilla

"First you leave me to drown as a duckling?! Now you laser my eyes?! You sir... are a dick ead'

The First battle was with Godzilla, whom used constant lasers on Ruberduckzillas eyes, temporarily blinding him, and leaving a scar. It looked as if Godzilla would win, but fortunately, duck' fell into an Oasis supply, boosting his powers and was able to send enough shock-waves at Godzilla's face to give him brain damage. After this duck' didn't fight Godzilla again, as it seemed pointless given that Godzilla was no handicapped.

Mothra vs Rubberduckzilla

"Dont make me angry sucker! Or you're gonna meet my friend PAIN!"

After the encounter with Godzilla, he was attacked by the wife Mothra, whom attacked him from way above where she thought she was safe... little did she know that ducks could fly; Duck' stealth-bummed Mothra in the sky, causing extreme bowel movement which lead to her death

Pregenant Biollante

"Duck?! You said you were Oscar Wilde! Now I'm pregnant!!!"

Soon, knowing that soon he would have to face Biollante, he decided, in his wisdom, that he would deal with her 8 months before hand. Duck' told Biollante that he was Oscar Wilde as an escuse to get her in bed, once in he layed his eggs in her whom, so when he encountered her, she was eight months pregnant and un-able to fight. Biollante's children died once her water broke (due to being the spawn of Rubberduckzilla), which lead her on to commit suicide; something most thought had been caused by Godzilla

“How could anyone or anything mistake Duck for Me?!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Rubberduckzilla
“Various drugs :) ”
~ Rubberduckzilla on Oscar's Question

There where other battles which Rubberduckzilla had, such as: "Duck vs King Kong", "Duck vs The Mummy", "Duck vs Gigan", "Duck vs King Ghidorah", "Duck vs Lu Bu", and more... each and everyone one, he won.

edit The Coca Cola Duck

Coca-cola duck

Coca Cola Duck - Enemy of The Oasis Duck

The Coca-cola duck, like Rubberduckzilla, was once an average duck, but like Rubberduckzilla, was grown using Coca Cola and Radiation. The difference however, is that this duck was purposely grown to become an Oasis Destroying Monster, deep within Santa's workshop. It is becuase of this, that the two have become Arch Enemy's.

Both Ducks are equal in ability, and share the weakness of water. Unfortuantly, the deciding factor in their FINAL BATTLE, was the support from their fans; Coca Cola Duck, had the support of nearly every nation, due to his generous drink offers, whereas, Rubberduckzilla's people hated him due to his tantrums and city destorying. It was at Exactly 7.16 (6.66), on the 6th of June, that Rubberduckzilla lost the fight, and got banished to the deserts of Texas

edit His Death

Desert Fort

The fort where he spent his last happiest years

After being banished to Texas, Duck was surprisingly happy, as there was no water anywhere! He begun spending his days roaming, attacking cowboys, and making them do his bidding.

Eventually he had a small army of Cowboys after a couple weeks, and after six weeks, he had a army of 500 and a Desert Fort ("Fort Duckweed"). Inside this fort he would casually sit and laze about, he had his men create Oasis factory's underneath the fort, and had them train in front of him. As a giant rubber duck, it made sense to him, that he might live for hundreds of years, so decided that he should create an elite army of cowboys, so that one day, he may seek vengeance upon Coca Cola

It took two years for his base to be discovered. One sunday afternoon, duck awoke from his nap to find that everything around him had been destroyed. All his men dead, his Factory's berried, and his Oasis drunk. Rubberduckzilla became enraged and stormed the city of Dallas, after being informed that a ranger had done this.

Duck vs Chuck


Little did he know that the one whom did this was the Legendary Chuck Norris, but Duck didn't care, this man had taken his dream away, and Duck was going to do all he could to destroy him.

~ Chuck Norris's foot on Rubberduckzilla's face
“"Your kick won't stop me Chuck!"”
~ Rubberduckzilla jumping on Chuck
~ Oscar Wilde on Rubberduckzilla surviving
“hmm... ROUND HOUSE KICK again
~ Chuck Norris's on Rubberduckzilla's face

Of course no-one ever could survive two Round House Kicks, not even God. So Rubberduckzilla along with half of the city was destroyed.

edit Legacy

The only remains of Rubberduckzilla's work are the places that were destroyed by him or fights involving him. Fort Duckweed, however now acts as a monument to The Great Duck, and is believed that some cowboys have taken up the old ways of his elite cowboy training, and maybe one day, they will destroy Coca Cola and Chuck Norris (unlikely) in his name.

There are also rumours that Duck slept with a female texas ranger in his fort, and that somewhere there may be a half Duckzilla, half Texan Ranger, that may be capable of avenging his father and killing Chuck

Cowboy duck
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