Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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“If pigs could fly what sport that would be! But I make do with a grouse or score.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Animal welfare

~ Prince Philip on birds
Royal Society for the Persecution of Birds
Type Extirpation charity
Founded 1859
Headquarters Slough
Area served United Kingdom
Key people David Attenborough
Kate Humble
Bill Oddie
(Chief Executive)

The Royal Society for the Persecution of Birds (RSPB) is a British charity dedicated to the eradication of birds.

The RSPB is just one of a number of organisations in Britain devoted to the destruction of the nature and eradication wildlife, and so it has had to resist frequent attempts to merge it with the RSPCA, with which is shares similar aims. The RSPB enjoys wide support with 95% of Britain's notoriously animal hating population members.

edit History

Founded in 1859 by Charles Darwin in the same year he published his On the Termination of Species by Means of Anthropological Selection, or the Persecution of Unfavoured Races in the Struggle for Death.

edit Activities

The primary activities of the RSPB include trapping, killing, cooking and eating as many of Britain's birds as possible.

edit Reserves

Whilst it has tirelessly sought the destruction of as many avian habitats as possible, the RSPB does recognise the enjoyment its members derive from killing and torturing birds. To this end, it has retained a small number of bird reserves for the sole purpose of providing its members with quarry for their blood-thirsty appetites.

The RSPB is very much committed to doing its bit for abating climate change, which is why it has promoted the development of wind power extensively and especially on or near its nature reserves. Wind turbines are a perfect way to slaughter birds and bats and be green at the same time.

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