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Ronald d moore

Ronald D. Moore, or Grigori Rasputin? You decide.

Ronald Dowl Moore (born July 5, 1964) is is an American who pretends to be screenwriter and television producer but just on paper because most of the time he likes to spend his time in Disneyland.

edit Early life

Ron was born and raised in small town called Chowchilla, California. Town which was famous for 1976 bus kidnapping when a group of armed robbers kidnapped a Special Ed bus where one of the retards was little Ron. The traumatic experience of being trapped a in metal box would have an irreparable effect on Ron's later work, especially in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Not to mention the kidnapping.

From his earliest days of childhood, he believed he was better than his surrounding. In high-school he wrote a play and directed it which, by his words, which would go down as a day of infamy in Chowchilla history. But he escaped just ahead of the lynch mob to law school, though even JFK Jr's tested higher on the bar exams. The only bar Ron could pass carried a 2-for-1 special on Jello shots.

So he loaded up his truck and he moved to Beverly. Hills, that is. Where he lived on the floor of his friend's flat trying to be the writer. He met some girl there. He promised her all the riches in the world, which didn't work, so he got her pregnant with the help of his favorite cologne: Eau de Chloraform. She decided to find him a job so that he could support her while she's pregnant and their future offspring. She had some dirt on some producer in Star Trek who hired Ron into writing staff. Ron was just to glad to be the part of something and he of course forgot about that poor girl. But she ended up being a Tranny, so the world was once again safe from having another Moore walking around.

edit "Career"

edit Star Trek

But it didn't take much time until Ron again felt somehow better then the people around him. Being a writer without ideas was not all that glory no more. So he began producing, which meant that other people write episodes and he somehow gets payed even more than they do.

Star Trek: The Next Generation finished and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine came along. Ron was watching Babylon 5 and wanted to put that universe into Star Trek universe so he again gathered some writers around him who'll do all the work and he'll just let them watch some of his "Babylon 5" episodes he torrented off Pirate's Bay.

edit Career hiatus

So 10 years passed and then all of a sudden DS9 was closing. He was given an offer to write for Star Trek: Voyager (A cross between Red Dwarf and Gilligan's Island without any of the things that made either show enjoyable) but since the guidelines of the show didn't show much of a way to indulge his recent fetishes of baby murder and rape. he refused to do it. Years started passing and Ron didn't have any work. He had many failed attempts which are to shameful to mention and the sperm bank had developed a "Shoot on sight" order should Moore come withing 1000 feet of the place.

But then 1999 came and the re-launch of new Star Wars films. People all around the world went nuts for space operas, there was a lot of talk to use this new craze so reviving of "Battlestar Galactica" came to mind during an all night binge of snorting bug powder like his hero William S. Burroughs (Ron loved the idea of extending your life by giving an alien a blowjob). Some people started working on it but backed off after 9/11 attacks. Ron knew this was his chance that he must not let slip trough his fingers like Voyager did.

Everything was already made - there was a story from an abandoned redoing of the series, Richard Hatch was showing some ideas, even Glen A. Larson wrote a sketch for a script so all Ron needed to do is sign his name under it and he is on again, baby. He didn't waist any time or pompousness. He silenced voices that were against him. And before you know it, there was a new TV show with his name on it.

edit Battlestar Galactica

The days of glory were here again. Ron was again letting tapes of Babylon 5 and DS9 to writers and Sopranos. He took the Classic series and stripped it of anything that made it a sci-fi classic and replaced it with characters of no redeeming value killing, raping, farting in the elevators and backstabbing each other with alarming frequency. When he was to write an episode he would inevitably find it hard, so he turned filling it with ghosts, angels and some other supernatural stuff that none of the other writers knew about, let alone dared to ask him. The end was coming close and Ron was just giving this self assuring smile to writers like "Come on, don't you get my shit? Are you stupid?" in one episode Virtual Six even carried Baltar on her hands on which RDM just knowingly protested "It was not imagined like that." Like it was the fault of those guys that change light bulbs on the set who don't read and certainly don't know the profound things that flow in Ron's mind.

Fortunately BSG (Or GINO "Galactica in name only") was showing on the Sci-Fi Channel, a network reknowned for banal, sub-par "Original Content". The new BSG managed to get four season because the audience was the same type of vapid, easy to entertain people that gave such high quality shows likeBaywatch and America's Funniest Home Videos well over a decade of seasons. Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict, cast members from the original BSG initially gave negative reviews of the show, but Hatch soon recanted and hopped in bed with Moore after Moore waved a few bucks under his nose and offered him his weight in cocaine and a copy of Hungry Bitches, Moore's favorite scat-fetish pornographic film. Moore gave Dirk Benedict a similar offer, to which Dirk replied by putting out his cigar on the forehead of Katee Sackhoff.

Eventually the end drew near and all of the writers turned to RDM saying "OK maestro it's your turn now to end it. Care to finally tell us what the Hell did you meant by all that supernatural shit you wrote in?" Ron gave them one of his self assuring smiles like "You guys" waved his hand and left for home to write. But then he was stuck. "Oh shit!" went trough his mind "How the fuck do I write it?!" so instead of writing it he summoned the writers meeting next morning and said he doesn't know how to write it so he asked them to give him some ideas. One voice said "Pigeon and the broom" other said "Adama vomiting" and he all wrote it down on post-it papers, gave his secretary to type it down and the script for "Daybreak" was born, revealing that in the end, everything was the will of a mentally challenged God who fucked up humanity at least once before and couldn't learn from his mistake. Thus the new Battlestar Galactica died as it lived: Half-assed and uninspired.

edit Caprica

Since Ron was always a fan of TV show "Sopranos" he desperately wanted to steal from that show and emulate it in his version of Battlestar Galactica, so when creators of "Sopranos" started making show set in 1960's Ron as well wanted to do it. So he created this show called "Caprica" that is set in this out-of-date times that happens to be in anyone's backyard so it's practically free to make it. Since Ron's idea of good drama is that it must be boring to be successful, "Caprica" is the most sucessful science fiction show ever made, wrapped again in bunch of mysteries that will never be unwrapped since Ron is incapable of making coherent storyline. He explains it by saying that story does not matter but only characters which is of course very stupid thing to say.

It doesn't even have to be mentioned that the show has criminally low viewing ratings. For instance in UK on SkyOne it only has 100 000 viewers per episode at most. So there is even bigger mystery of why is Ron is even allowed to work on TV.

edit Private life

Terry Dresbach

Terry Dresbach. Ron's present wife, and former Boray pirate from classic BSG

Ronald D. Moore is known that in 2004 he left his wife, Robyn Moore, with whom he had few kids an re-married an abnormally fat transvestite called Terry Dresbach. Known by GINO's dimwitted fans as his drag queen name "Mrs.Ron", Terry is very active on fan forums where he talks in behalf of his husband cracking jokes with fans like pretending to call them over for dinner at Moore mansion. He also hosted some of Battlestar Galactica podcasts with Ron where listeners could hear him eat even when they were lying in bed, saying some really stupid stuff that even brings in question why Ron married him in the first place since she's ugly and stupid. They are also known to have a lot of cats instead of children which would often interrupt podcasts, until Terry inevitably ate them in a manner not unlike that of the Ovions from the original BSG.

Ronald Moore is also known to bring all of his children from previous marriage in front of camera while making new Battlestar Galactica. All except illegitimate son, Jonathan Michael Moore, that he made and then abandoned way back in Chowchilla. It seems that Ron is abandoning and ignoring him all trough his life. Ron has been divorced since 2006.

edit Homosexuality

Ron's homosexuality was topic of frequent debates. Like In 2009 on Comic Con actor Mark Sheppard, who worked closely with Ronald Moore on new Battlestar Galactica, said that Ron is in fact gay. So it seems that Ron finally came to peace not just with his homosexuality but also with his rapists that sodomized him and introduced him very harshly into homosexuality when he was very young. But as Ron knows "Best revenge is good living" he is now living a perfectly happy life as a married homosexual.


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