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The main cast of Rocko's Modern Life watching their inferior descendants

Rocko's Modern Life was a 1990s Nickelodeon cartoon known for its twisted sense of humor. It was born from creator Joe Murray's fits of boredom, where he would draw cartoons of his surroundings (bacteria and people arguing about the mashed potato theorem). He pitched a baseball about these things to Nickelodeon, which turned it down because they thought it would get children to emulate these behaviors.

One fateful day in October, Joe Murray came up with a new idea: Change everyone to animals, and make them do the same things. This, Nickelodeon could tolerate.

edit Characters

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  • Rocko Wallaby (Peter Gabriel) – A young adult Australian wallaby who lives a troubled and "modern" life wherein the entire universe seems to shit on him. Being the show's "everyman", Rocko has had several jobs over time, including: an eternally-abused cashier, having sodas and hot coffee thrown in his face; a telephone mating counselor; a highway decongestant; a plumber's assistant; a co-creator of the critically-acclaimed television series, Wacky Deli; and a high fashion model for the wife of Victor Yeltosky.
  • Heffer Wolfe (Rob Reiner) – A morbidly obese cow who was raised by wolves, hence his counterintuitive last name. He is a total slob when eating, eating only the unhealthiest foods such as chips, soda, and ice cream, despite nearly dying after suffering a heart attack from eating too many Pasture Puffies.
  • Filburt Shellbach (Steve Hackett) – A nervous turtle, was downloaded from the computer at 5:21 pm on July 7, 1987. In a flashback explaining his origin in "The Filburt Effect", Rocko and Heffer were bored out of their MINDS that day, and decided to do something freaky. They mixed ketchup, mustard, melted chocolate and Kool-Aid mix, and put it in the computer. Suddenly, weird things happened. Lights blew out. The Cold War finally ended. Then, Filburt emerged from the chaos.
  • Spunky (Jean Stapleton) – Rocko's anxiety-ridden dog. During a brief nervous breakdown, Spunky repeatedly sexed Rocko's mop until the local psychiatrist snatched the mop from Spunky and proceeded to watch Debbie Does Dallas while snuggling with the mop. Spunky may have some sort of sexual desire for all inanimate objects, as he proceeded to have sex with the fire hydrant and many other household objects. This dog is the idol of a large club of animated bestiality lovers.
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