Like, so totally x-treme to the max, dude.

Rocket Power is a '90s/early 2000s American animated television series that ran on Nickelodeon. It revolves around four x-treme kids who live in the so totally tubular town of Surf Shores, California, and their daily lives of extreme sports, extreme surfing, extreme peer pressure, extreme crushes, extreme pimples, extreme school exams, extreme eating fish tacos... basically extreme anything.


  • Otto Rocket – The main character of the show, a cocky pig-nosed punk. Being overconfident in his abilities, he breaks or ruins something vital to the plot in every episode.
  • Reggie Rocket – Otto's sister who, unlike her brother, maintains a sense of friendship, and succeeds in just about any sport there is to play. Her purple hair is said to be the result of test tube breeding.
  • Twister "Slowpoke" Rodriguez – Resident Beaner of Surf Shores. He is often picked on by his older brother Lars. For whatever reason, the wings on Twister's helmet actually got slightly larger with each episode. In the pilot, Twister's room was meant to have a giant poster of Jesus, but it was removed when Nickelodeon received complaints from the Jewish community.
  • Sam Dullard – The token geeky kid. He is the smartest of the group, performs a lot of outdoor activities, and eats right, but somehow remains unpopular and unliked. In the show, they claim Sam hails from Kansas, but he actually comes from New Jersey, hence the "N" on his shirt and explaining why he sucks at sports.


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A typical episode goes like this: the four are either skateboarding, snowboarding, womping skinny nerdy kids, surfing, being snarky, eating food at the Surf Shack, or playing street hockey when Otto decides to do something completely idiotic. This may include signing them up for a Battle Royale, writing their names on a squad car, or implementing a twist on an already dangerous sport turning it into a deathtrap. Reggie and Sam somehow solve the problem and it ends with Otto either getting grounded or learning a moral, only to forget it by the next episode.


Rocket Power was devised with the purpose of making young children forget about their dreams of becoming astronauts, firemen, and Pokemon masters and instead want to skateboard, snowboard, surf, or play hockey. The result was successful in that an entire generation of children grew up purchasing every Nickelodeon sports product available. However, it wasn't entirely successful, since the lower half of its intended audience (preteens) felt out-manned by their skateboarding older brothers and fled the country.

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