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The Rockfellers, in their free time are land owners, bankers, oil producers, vice presidents, freemasons, and backgammon players. In their work life they are dealing with creating major financial disruptions in Europe, America,and other third world countries, in an effort to relieve the planet of all this excessive population that is not called Rockefeller. They also take active part in financing Hollywood movies with smart dogs, and aliens invading earth. Their assets are very hard to number.. America, Canada, Europe, Australia e.t.c. but their fever for excellent service for the community keeps them up to speed.

Despite all this wealth, the Rockefellers, are down-to-earth people. Their humility and modesty, have made history among their associates. In an attempt to win back favor of the Gods, the Rockefellers take active part in the Re-building of damaged peoples and Solomon temples, but they make sure that they first supply them with care.

Apart from owning half the planet, Rockefellers dream of a very simple heaven, were they rule infinite masses of infidels, and make extra profit.!!!

They also own a series of institutes in various places in the world, LSD labs, Cocaine Labs, etc. Including the recent organization they set up called PCATDC or Pedophiles for the Collection of Adrenalin Through Decapitation of Children. He aslo gave head to a maid in the Rockefeller Mansion.


It is believed that when Rockefellers invest on something they mean it. Hence since they spent so much on space and army applications that NASA (NAZA) and others launch, there is only one answer. In 2012, hidden albino Rothschilds and Rockefellers, will board many USA made secret UFO's and finally rule the world using the anti-terrorist act of zeta reticuli. The Rockefellers are actively selling and buying money, souls and oil.

They have also been quoted in the New York Money, Wealth, & Satan Newspaper as saying: "We Rockefellers are beginning to run out of things to buy. We've already gone down the road of 'cars and mansions.' We've already done the 'drug binge for a decade.' We've already done the 'run the government via financial choke-holds.' We've even done the 'child prostitute ritual killing and blood drinking orgy for rich dudes.' Its starting to get old and I don't know what we'll buy next. We're running out of ideas......HA HA! I'm just kidding, all the things I said are ALWAYS great fun so we'll probably just continue to have Ferrari Mansion Orgies filled with satanic ritual drug binges involving North Korean children and blood balls. Oh, blood balls are cocaine and blood."

The family members

  • John D. Rockefeller, the most famous capitalist of all time.
  • Uncle Scrooge Rockefeller-Duck, a usually stingy old duck in kids tv series.
  • Monopoly man, the egg head guy with the black suit.
  • Lenin the constantly rebelling cousin of the family and caretaker of the Rockefeller throne in Russia.
  • Adolf Hitler, the bastard son of a maid working in the Rockefeller Mansion.
  • Cobra, the notorious GI Joe villain.
  • Robin Hood, the less rich but most kind boy in the family.
  • George W Bush the great thinker.
  • Timothy Leary the little deceased nephew of the family, that was specializing in pushing whole pounds of liquid LSD, produced in the family pharmaceutical company.
  • J.P. Morgan The dark brother that survived the crash!!
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