Roarin' 20's

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The 'Roarin' 20's' were a period of time in American history that preceded the "Moanin' 30's', and came directly after the 'Bellowin' 10's'. The 'Roarin' 20's' were characterized by many many distinct categories of person, Flappers, and Gangsters.

The 'Roaring 20's?'

No, it's the roarin' 20's jackass, drop the G, add an apostrophe.

But I suppose you were asking just why it was called the roarin' 20's, eh? well, lemme tell ya.

America had just found it's way out of world war one, the vetrans were coming home and everything was goin' swell. With new inventions like, "The Wheel" and "Movin' Pictures" american confidence was up and the people felt that President Oscar Wilde was leading them towards political normalcy.


Flappers were the original 'counterculture', which is to say, this is the first time that every parent in America was simultaneously pissed off at their child. Not to mention that no one in America liked the Flappers, unless that person was, in fact, a flapper themselves. This fact alone makes them very similar to pedophiles, rapists, members of NAMBLA, and black people.

The flappers were out to distinguish themselves from the rest of American with their huge hats and long jewelry. The Flappers' clothes were loose, and their women were looser, just ask your grandma.

The belief that violent media affected these youths in the same way that it affects the youths of today was held in high stature, with several accusations being pointed at the violent lyrics of "Buffalo Gals" , which allegedly caused a violent school shooting.

The charges were dropped, after someone else pointed a finger at, "The times we're living in."


Gangsters were another product of the 'Roarin' 20's' they traditionally robbed banks and did battle with, "coppers" as they called them, the most notable gangsters are Al Capone, and Tony "Scarface" Montana.

A major news story of the 20's, 'The St. Valentines Day Massacre' was when Al Capone did the unthinkable by murdering a holiday.

Naturally, the Gangsta' of today was influenced by the Ganster of yesteryear, though the being black and using street slang other than 'coppers' and 'see' is most probably just an artistic liberty.

The Good Times End

everyone knew that eventually the good times had to end, and on October 8th 1929, they did just that.

The Stock market crashed that day and the great depression began, many people committed suicide, and many questioned the stability of the American way of life. It was lame.

Notable births of the 'Roarin' 20's'

Oscar wilde

Your mom

Optimus Prime

Jesus Christ


everyone else


a gangster charming a lady (not pictured because the photographer would have to be killed)

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