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“Richard Carrier is a world-renowned author and speaker.”
~ Richard Carrier

Richard Carrier was an end-times prophet for the rapture of the nerds, an independent researcher on ancient history, Bayesian archmage, supposed atheist and go-to guy for knowledge that goes against the consensus. As a prophet he was most famous for his fierce competition with other eschatological prophets, going to the point of denying their existence.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Richard Carrier.

As of 2011 he has gone missing in real life. However, his followers believe he isn't really dead, but has entered cyberspace where he resides to this day to reutrn in the future. They point to blog posts and (hardly any) articles that have appeared since, that he is claimed to have written. Skeptics counter that this only shows that some people have an agenda to pretend he is still alive.

edit Singularity

Carrier was a preacher for the singularity within fifty years from now. He believed all people would enter the internet, live a life as in an MMORPG, get elected as God or get lost in a porn directory. This is all a necessary result of science moving on.

Rumour has it he got this idea from Jim Jones, David Koresh and William Miller, but research has proven he has been an apprentice of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

edit Voodoo statistics

Carrier went to college to complete a degree and then went to Hogwarts to learn how to fuck up Bayes real good.

He thinks all probabilities are frequencies and that all are rational numbers.

edit Independent historian

The first thing Carrier did as a historian was writing his thesis. In it he proved that the Romans had a belief in scientific progress and that they too believed in the rapture of the nerds within two thousand years.

With his probability magic he calculated that the odds Jesus existed are vanishingly small. But because he thinks all probabilities are frequencies, this means there were some historical Jesuses who must have existed for a non-zero probability. Also, he says the chance a miraculous Jesus existed is not zero. So much for his atheism.

A defining characteristic of his debating style was the focus on relevant issues, his conciseness and the total lack of personal attacks and childish nitpicks for scoring polemical points. This is visible in his exchange with Ehrman. Despite Ehrman calling him a cocknosed classicist that is unfit to comment on the historical Jesus, Carrier's reply was charitable, informed and professional.

Another pet subject of his are roosters with dicks on their beaks. Don't ever mention the subject, because that will lead him (or the people who impersonate him now) to spill many thousands of words, and who knows what else.

edit Anti-Veg movement

A real Americana guy, Carrier had no patience with those carrot and tofu munching whimps. He has shown that their lifestyle is immoral and poisons America and that the scientists who say a vegetarian diet is good for the planet are wrong.

edit Atheism contested

Richard Carrier was long undisputed as an atheist activist. He has written several books and chapters to defend atheism. His contribution to The Christian Delusion has been exceptionally well-received. His two chapters in that book have been hailed as a tour de force each by a recognised, talented and expert critic, Richard Carrier.

But recently Answers in Genesis, an atheist group who pose as creationists to make Christianity look dumb, has contested his atheist status. They point to his guru-like worldwide fame, the hero worship of his avid fans, his rapture-ready prophecies and his outsize ego and claim this means he is in fact not an atheist but an autotheistic monotheist. Or autist for short. Fans of Carrier contradict this instead calling it "Atheism Plus".

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