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Responsibility Kids

Responsibilty: If I had it than I wouldn’t have three kids the same age by three different women.

Responsibility Land (also known as Bitter Reality Kingdom at Walter Chronkite Resorts), is the worlds largest unamusement park, as envisioned by the park founder Walt Cronkite. Instead of having fun, when people arrive they are locked inside office cubicles and cramped urban apartments; waiting in long lines of traffic to get to rides like the Haunted Small Claims Courthouse, and Boat Rental Paper Work of the Carribean. The theme park is located across the road from maximum security shower slides water park; where people from that park laugh at their neighbors in Responsibility Land for having to work. One of the most popular rides is It’s a small war, once popular in Europe and Asia but now mostly available in counties throughout the Middle East. Here animatronic amputee war veterans sing songs about how great war is and have a country jamboree! Than of coarse theirs the alternative to responsibility land, University Theme Parks in Orlando. Admission to Responsibility Land is free for anyone over the age of legal majority, the park makes its money from "taxing" its occupants at every opportunity, making sure they have no money when they reach the top of Death Mountain.

The televisions in Responsibility Land show nothing but news networks, pharmaceutical commercials, educational programming and the Christian Broadcasting Network. In addition to the long lines, a human barricade of disgruntled soon to be ex employees demanding unionization, benefits and a living wage may further impede park access.

edit Attractions of Responsibility Land

  • Bipartisian congress carousal
  • Mr. Toads wild speeding ticket
  • Alice in Wonderland's halfway house
  • Peter Pan's aircraft licensing testing
  • Indiana Jones's library archives adventure
  • I've been working on the railroad all the day long day saloon
  • Marriage mountain and divorced singles urban jungle cruise
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