Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia

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A typical Reserve Mines home

Reserve Mines is an affluent suburb of Glace Bay. It has a population of around 4,630,347 and is located southwest of the city. It has some of the finest schools, resturants, and businesses on the island. It is one of the richest communities on the island even wealthier than Scotchtown outside of New Waterford or Glace Bay's New Aberdeen.

edit Schools

Reserve Mines or Reserve for short is home to the most prestigious private elementary school in all of Canada, Tompkins Elementary School. Parents pay up to $20,000 per year for their children to attend this school. It has the best teachers in the entire country. Average IQ scores for students attending the school is estimated at 150.

Also Reserve Mines is known for former Top Notch High School RDHS (Reserve District High School) which was built in the late 60's and dropped to the ground in 2006 from foundation cracks from the great explosions that occurred at the HALL Strip mine located on the outshirts of Reserve Mines. The RDHS Rebel high school hockey team broke every record in Canada winning 18 straight Championships and recored a 8 year streak without a loss. Famous RDHS Rebels 1991 goaltender (Leaky) moved to Russia to teach their world team goaltenders how to play and then later bought half of the Redwing team.

The school also captured 15 world high school debate championships as the students had the highest IQ's in the world.

Some people say RDHS was the first to have mixed martial arts events everyday and even teachers took part after a few cocktails and cuban cigars.

edit Resturants

Reserve is home to two gourmet resturants. The first is Country Style, known for their coffee and breakfast sandwiches. The other is the Reserve Drive-In. Home to greasy burgers and poutine, surely the finest cuisine this side of the Atlantic. Too bad it closed.

edit Businesses

Sonny's Limosines operates in this district as well as in Glace Bay, they can be reached by calling (902) 849-1338. They offer the finest service in Nova Scotia. They can be used for weddings, proms, and funerals. They have excellent drivers who travel at speeds of up to 150km/h and who hit people in crosswalks. They have an excellent safety record and have never killed any of their passengers. Unfortunately, they have killed several hundred pedastrians but that is the price paid for progress.

B.P. Convenience is a grocery store for the rich operated by B.P Mackie, a girl with severe bipolar disorder. She is known to attack anyone who leaves the store without buying anything or anyone who looks poor. She was arrested several times for assault and attempted murder but is unable to be remanded in custody because of her mental condition. Because of her bipolar disorder, she is released without conditions and given an absolute discharge. She terrorizes the people of this normally peaceful suburb and is known to chase local children with butcher knives.

edit Airport

Glace Bay's main airport, the David Dingwall International Airport, is located in Reserve on the Glace Bay-Sydney Expressway. It sees over 1 million travellers per year and is one of busiest airports in Canada.

edit University

Colouring Book University, the largest university in Cape Breton is located just outside the Reserve Mines city limits about halfway between Glace Bay and Sydney. This university is known for its top-notch faculty and its well-equipped labs and classrooms.

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