Oscar thinkin about ur mom... and dad

“8--> ~”
~ Oscar Wilde

Reproduction is an unfortunate duty that humans must endure at least once in their life. It is also a core element of Darwinism, Biology, and Capitalism. It's significance is in part due to its frequency. Recent statistics by the World Humping Organization (WHO) have suggested reproduction is one of the leading causes of life, second only to satanic rituals and gay couples with fairy godmothers.

Reproduction in educationEdit


Oscar at a Catholic Middle School

Many Catholic schools refuse to teach children about reproduction. Some researchers have suggested that this is because the priests want the kids all to themselves. This movement has also spread to public schools, with many local school districts choosing to eliminate sexual education from their curriculum, in fear of the almighty Republican mom.



Oscar overpopulating the world

Overpopulation is that other thing that Bill Nye the Science Guy won't shut the fuck up about. It is also an issue stemming from a misuse of reproduction, which has existed for many years. Originally, reproduction was intended to let smart people have smart babies, while stupid people swung their dick back and forth, confused, as they were eaten by a lion. However, it has come to do the reverse, as smart people are concerned about overpopulation and are refusing to have kids, while stupid people in Alabama are mating with their cousins like flies.

Because of overpopulation, it is theorized that eventually, the world will run out of food. Such fears have inspired political figures like Chris Christie to spark public awareness into the issue. Wait, hold on, it's still just Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Reproduction in different culturesEdit


Oscar finally deciding to cheat on Mike Pence

In many South American cultures, reproduction is a common pastime amongst teenagers, much like in the United States. However,
“the majic skie man duznt liek condums”
~ A South American girl who left school to take care of her child before completing spelling class
This belief has also spread to the aforementioned stupid people, who advocate against abortion in the United States. Many people support movements to eliminate funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood. This may be because the parenthood of most republicans was unplanned. Many justify it with rather simple logic.
“the majic skie man duznt liek baybee murdur!”