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Renamon gigadrawn 2


Renamon is a yellow vixen who jumped out of a computer screen. She chose Rika as her tamer because Rika had just won a Digimon card game tournament against a furry assassin who always said bad things about Renamon. Rika chose Renamon because she was the strongest, evidenced by the way fifty big, tough Digimon cowered before her.

edit Biography

edit Random battles

Rika and Renamon fought any Digimon who bio-emerged into the real world from the Shadow Realm, where they were banished to by a Pharaoh after losing the Digimon Card Game to him. A Lynxmon and Fugamon escaped, but Renamon made quick work of them, took their data in a vial to Starbucks and had them make it into a coffee. The coffee increased her strength and defense.

Renamon fought a red dinosaur named Guilmon, but her attacks didn't work on him so she gave up and ran away. She tried to attack him again, but a crazy gun rabbit named Gargomon appeared and shot at her. He nearly killed Rika but Guilmon stopped him, and Rika and Renamon ran.

Renamon Ice Blast

They told me Ice Blast was a magic attack for Krystal's staff!

Renamon fought two more opponents from the Shadow Realm: Vilemon, a reject flying monkey from the Wicked Witch of the West's army, and Allomon, a dinosaur who stumbled into a time warp in the Shadow Realm after attacking Egypt. Renamon destroyed the former easily; the latter she was losing when he whipped her with his huge tail and tried to roast her with his fiery breath, but Rika used a Krystal Digi Modify card allowing her to use Ice Blast, one of the attacks on Krystal's staff, to freeze Allomon and then destroy him with Diamond Storm.

edit Digivolution

Rika rejected Renamon because she wasn't digivolving. She was planning on throwing her into the sewer like a lost Bulbasaur when suddenly a giant spider named Dokugumon attacked them. Dokugumon was one of Aragog's daughters whom he banished from the herd when Snape killed Dumbledore. Dokugumon bit Renamon, infecting her with her venom and threatening to kill her in seven days. She tried to eat Rika but Renamon jumped in front of her to save her from her attack. Rika began to care for Renamon for the first time. This, and a Ninetales Digi Modify Card, gave her the power to digivolve into Kyubimon and destroy Dokugumon.

edit Relationship with Rika

After a battle with a Devimon wannabe, however, Rika decided she hated all Digimon. She and Renamon went their separate ways and it seemed they would never talk to each other again. Renamon fought three Flybeemon all on her own and won, but was nearly killed by a Harpymon who hated furries, and was particularly a Renamon assassin. Seeing a Renamon assassin made Rika remember how much she cared about Renamon, so she stabbed Harpymon with a switchblade, and Renamon digivolved into Kyubimon and destroyed Harpymon. She decided not to absorb her data because she found out that Starbucks had their own data imported directly from the Digital World.

edit Battles against the Devas

Renamon and Mihiramon

So she has nine fluffy tails. Big deal, my tail can kill her in one hit!

Renamon and Sandiramon 2

No fair! She has nine fluffy tails and I have one reptilian tail! I wanna strangle her!

Renamon was the first to be attacked by two Devas, Mihiramon and Sandiramon, both of whom were inclined to use tail attacks on her because they were jealous of her nine fluffy tails as Kyubimon. Guilmon digivolved and finished off the tiger and snake Devas, but more Devas came. The fifth Deva, Vajramon the ox, fell in love with her but she rejected him utterly. Sore over rejection, Vajramon became a Renamon assassin and tried to kill her. He nearly succeeded, but Rika couldn't stand to see her parnter killed by a Renamon assassin as bad as him, giving her the power to digivolve into Taomon, who easily destroyed Vajramon, striking fear into the hearts of most of the other Renamon haters.

A Renamon lover, the mischievous Impmon, tried to digivolve by fighting the horse Deva, Indramon. Renamon wanted him to fight on his own so Indramon would kill him, but eventually decided he was different than her other rejects and decided to help him, resulting in WarGrowlmon destroying Indramon. After they destroyed the strongest Deva, the pig Vikaralamon, in a parody of Star Fox's battle with Aparoid Pigma, the monkey Deva Makuramon took Calumon to the Digital World so he could make him dance for Zhuqiaomon and receive a reward. So, the tamers and their Digimon, including Rika and Renamon, went to the digital world to rescue him.

edit Digital World

It wasn't long before Rika, Renamon, and two annoying punks named Kazu and Kenta were eaten by a data stream, which spit them out at the bottom of a cliff. They found their way back up, and while trying to outrun Kazu and Kenta ran into a dragon named Megadramon who was fought off by Ryo and Cyberdramon. Rika hated Ryo for winning a Digimon tournament against her and for watching the Idiot Box, which portrays Renamon in a negative light, so she and Renamon left him, even though Renamon was able to forgive him easily. Shortly after Rika found Calumon because some flying fish saved him from Makuramon, and they were reunited with Takato and the others shortly after.

Unfortunately, Impmon became sore about Renamon rejecting him, and, combined with his desire to digivolve, sold his soul to Caturamon, the dog Deva who, of all the Devas, resembles the Devil most closely, and digivolved into Beelzemon, who was a Mega level, which is above the Ultimate level of Caturamon and all the other Devas. Caturamon made Beelzemon a mega because he is the stupidest dog in the world. This is because he was named after cats while he is a dog. Beelzemon threatened to shoot Renamon, but it began to thunderstorm so Beelzemon left to avoid being struck by lightning.

After a fight with an eight-headed dragon named Orochimon, they reached the Land of the Sovereign, where Beelzemon attacked them. Renamon digivolved into Kyubimon, but Beelzemon beat her up and was about to kill her as revenge for rejecting him when Leomon stopped him. Sore over having his vengeance snatched away at the last minute, Beelzemon killed Leomon. He killed Makuramon shortly after, which freaked out Kyubimon and she digivolved into Taomon, but Beelzemon nearly killed her and Rapidmon as well with Makuramon's attack, except Henry and Rika used a Frieza card at the last minute to negate the energy ball; as Makuramon was a monkey, Frieza type attacks are super-effective against monkey attacks.

After Takato and Guilmon biomerged into Gallantmon and fought off Beelzemon, the Digimon fought Zhuqiaomon. Taomon was defeated easily before Azulongmon revealed that their real enemy was an evil parasite called the D-Reaper, who hated all humans, furries, or Digimon, especially a Digimon who was also a furry like Renamon. At the sight of the ultimate furry assassin, Rika and Renamon took a leap of faith into the pit of chaos and biomerged into Sakuyamon, who defeated the D-Reaper - but only temporarily, forcing the tamers and their Digimon to return to Earth by means of Grani, the ghost of Noah's Ark who was murdered by the D-Reaper centuries ago. Renamon and Rika saved Impmon before they left, since Renamon fell in love with him.

edit Battle with the D-Reaper

D-Reaper final

The ultimate furry assassin.

As Sakuyamon, Rika and Renamon participated in many battles against the D-Reaper, fighting with a vengeance against their greatest enemy. Her final battle was against a giant Cable Reaper designed to look like Serleena. When it was pulled into the other side by the Sovereign where they fed it to a pit of starving Tyrannomon, victory against the D-Reaper was finally won when an ex-furry assassin and Digimon assassin turned ally, Yamaki, reopened The Void and sucked the D-Reaper into oblivion.

The reappearance and subsequent disappearance of this black hole which was once controlled by the jester, Dimentio (who, before he died, had a fairy tell him the same line Renamon said once before, that "all things determine their own destinies"), caused a paradox that devolved all the Digimon into their In Training forms. Renamon dedigivolved into Viximon. All of them were forced to return to the Digital World to survive.

edit Return

Once the time space continuum got over the shock of such a paradox, all the Digimon returned including Renamon. She fought against a train that turned out to be possessed by an insect named Parasimon. Needless to say, the Parasimon were all annihilated.

edit Forms

Her Rookie form is Renamon, the anthropomorphic yellow fox. She is one of the most two popular female furries in the universe. However, since she is not Krystal, fantasizing about her is worth a life sentence in prison, possibly even the death penalty by hanging, as well as eternal damnation to the nine circles of hell with no chance of bail.

Her In Training form is Viximon. She is a small foxlike Digimon with ears and a fluffy tail.

Her Champion form is Kyubimon. She is a fox on four legs with nine tails, each of which has a flame on them. She was created when Rika used a Ninetales Digi Modify Card. She attacks with Fox Tail Inferno, where she shoots nine blue fireballs from the tips of her tails, each resembling a skull, incinerating the enemy. Her most powerful attack is Dragon Wheel, which is similar to Dragon Fist except she summons a blue flaming dragon to incinerate the enemy instead of summoning a gold dragon to constrict the enemy and selfdestruct.

Her Ultimate form is Taomon, which is more humanoid than some of her other forms, except that she still has a fluffy tail, which is one of the main symbols of Renamon. She wields powerful magic spells, such as Talisman Spell, to create an energy shield that protects against anything as long as it is not stronger than the Dead Zone. Her most powerful attack is Talisman of Light, an energy beam of pure light, the same type as seen in the Light Arrows, that pierces pure evil itself.

Her Mega form is Sakuyamon, in which she does the Fusion Dance with Rika to become one. The only time they did not have to dance was during their leap of faith from the lion's den, in which the power of the Holy Grail gave them the ability to biomerge. Sakuyamon doesn't have a tail but her hair slightly resembles Renamon's tail. She wields even more powerful magic abilities than Taomon, devastating the most evil furry assassins. The D-Reaper is the only known furry assassin to survive her; she has slain many a wicked furry assassin in this form.

edit Other notable adventures

Renamon kills Hax

Dr. Hax meets his end.

A mad scientist named Dr. Hax created clones of Renamon to go around terrorizing the universe. Some were violently killed, others acted like the exact opposite of her. When the real Renamon heard of this, she grabbed a laser rifle and vaporized Dr. Hax.

Following this, all surviving clones joined a suicide squad. Each year on November 15th a suicide squad would run over to those being crucified and commit suicide by stabbing themselves in an attempt to save them. Needless to say, their suicides didn't do anything to help. On November 15th 2010, the 2010 suicide squad committed suicide in another vain attempt to rescue the crucified victims.

Renamon is one of the top five foxes, the other four being Fox McCloud, Krystal, Lucario, and Tails. Renamon and Krystal are the top two vixens. Though many find them both attractive and respect them, many have also been inclined to say offensive things about both, and have often received a Diamond Storm from Renamon as a result. The luckier victims only received a Power Paw. If Renamon gets enraged, she will digivolve into Kyubimon and incinerate all her offenders with Fox Tail Inferno or, for the most vile and disgusting ones, Dragon Wheel.

Renamon often came to Krystal's rescue from so-called fanboys. She eventually biomerged with Rika into Sakuyamon to decimate the vast majority of them, many of whom claimed to be furries but were really furry assassins. Those who survived ran away. Few know where they are hiding now, but it has been speculated they are plotting their revenge on Krystal and Renamon.

All the furry assassins defeated by Renamon ended up in all nine circles of hell for eternity.

edit Trivia

  • Vajramon is the only Deva to be killed by Renamon. This is because he made the mistake of attacking her when she rejected him.
  • It is never revealed which of her three surviving lovers she chooses as her husband - Guilmon, Impmon, or Lucario.
  • At least 230 furry assassins still have it in for Renamon. There used to be one more, but Renamon hunted him down on November 15th, 2010. That was the anniversary one of the assassin's relatives killed a superhero by snagging his cape on a missile fin.
  • Only one Renamon hater has not been labeled a furry assassin. She mistook him for such and hunted him down, but she forgave him when he made clear this was an alternate universe Renamon, and she knew anyone with half a brain knew she was not like that. Still, many Renamon fans have protested against him, but shut their mouths when Renamon told them not to take him seriously, and if they loved Renamon enough to hate his portrayal of her, to not watch his videos.
  • Renamon has nearly as many lovers as assassins; She is third only to Krystal and Princess Ruto, respectively, for the number of people who chase after her to ask her hand in marriage. At least seventeen rejects have been annihilated due to their exceptional annoyingness and, in the case of Vajramon, being evil.
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