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Welcome, Redditors! Remember, vandalism is bad.

Reddit is a Digg clone web site. Except that its user interface isn't that user friendly, it looks like crap, and it happens to be populated by people who got banned from Digg or that Digg rejected their article so they posted it over on Reddit instead.


Ugly as sin, code stolen from Digg, members are bat flip insane, how can they go wrong?

edit The Start of Reddit

Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005, then 22-year-old graduates of the University of Virginia. One of their political science professors told the pair that they should one day start their own web site so ultra-left wing college professors will have a web site that their students can be brainwashed to submit their blogs and articles to, as a propaganda attempt to create an ultra-left wing version of the New World Order. The first version of Reddit was terrible, it was based on PHPNuke. Then in 2006 Huffman and Ohanian saw that Digg got there before they did, so they totally stole and copied their web code, and sometimes use a Star Wars theme to get fanboys excited about it and use it more.


A gaping security hole allows a troll to reveal the best of Reddit.

edit Reddit before Ron Paul

Before Ron Paul, all Reddit could get was spam articles and Livejournal entries about how lame some emo kid's life is, and links to his MySpace and Facebook diaries and comments. Then the usual Macintosh rumor, or Anti-Microsoft rant. It had looked hopeless, but Huffman and Ohanian had contacted their ultra-left wing political science professor from the University of Virgina, and he made his students have assignments to create blogs and articles for Reddit that would promote conspiracy theories and also try to get Ron Paul elected President of the United States of America.

edit Reddit after Ron Paul

Seeing as how Digg created an algorithm to cut down on the fraud of group voting with sockpuppets as well as an anti-spam algorithm, Reddit lacked those things and attracted more Ron Paul supporters to Reddit. Most of whom are 12 year-old Junior High school students who work as slaves for Ron Paul's campaign out of their Junior High Schools with permission of their ultra-left wing Teachers to use the school network for political purposes. Each student controls 144 Reddit accounts, and is advised to write their own blogs and submit them to Reddit.

edit Critics of Reddit

Many people got upset that articles about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama got voted down to make room for Ron Paul articles. When they wrote about it, they got cyberbullied by the Ron Paul supporters. They were forced off of Reddit, least they be exposed to name calling, personal attacks, and having their real names and phone numbers posted in Reddit comments. Some critics joined Digg claiming that Digg makes Reddit look like a paradise by comparison.

edit Spam Wars

Reddit members hold contests to see how much spam they can submit to the queue. They get creative and just make up stuff out of their asses and use sockpuppets to vote it up to the front page. Mostly the same article or news story reported to 35 different blogs with 35 different entires.

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