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Monday, September 26, 2016, 10:35:59 (UTC)

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REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- The government of Iceland may go to court to defend their country’s name against Iceland.

The British purveyor of frozen treats has a greater population and more buildings than its Scandinavian namesake. The nation was controlled by Icelandic retail conglomerate Baugur before being becoming snowed under with debt. The same thing happened to the retailer. Full story»

East Cleveland
EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio -- East Cleveland, Ohio is in talks to be annexed by its larger neighbor, as East Cleveland has ceased providing any municipal services at all, while Cleveland merely does them poorly.

Resident Robert Occhionero, as he was digging a trench in Second Avenue to lay a new sewer line, said only five firefighters turned up for a recent house fire, and their vehicle, labeled "Animal Control," had neither a tank nor firehose. Full story»

Jupiter from Europa
CAPE CARNIVAL, Florida -- NASA is set to announce signs of intelligent life in Europe, with a television special on "surprising evidence of a subsurface ocean" in Europe.

The American space agency has sent jillions of dollars sending a space probe to Europe to find the answers to life's most vexing questions, such as whether Saddam Hussein really had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Full story»

NEW YORK -- The FBI released the picture of a cook wanted for questioning in Saturday's bombing here.

An unexploded pressure cooker was found simmering a few blocks away later that night. Officials described both as deliberate acts utilizing culinary equipment, but stopped short of garnishing their statement with a theory on motive until more evidence is sampled — preferably with a spoon, a bowl and a warm crusty bread roll. Full story»

PRESTON, England -- Another young entrepreneur has joined the commercial spaceflight sector. Mrs Wong, the CEO of The Garden Dragon Takeaway in Plunginton Road here, aims to provide chips and curry sauce to fare-paying dot-com millionaires and overachieving scientists.

The “Customer Module” of The Garden Dragon Takeaway was launched the Gobi Desert Thursday night. A 12” Phillips portable cathode ray television from 1986 will broadcast repeats of Takeshi’s Castle for customers. Full story»

SpaceX explosion
CAPE CARNAGE, Florida -- The owner of the payload burnt to a crisp when a SpaceX rocket exploded last week has demanded compensation.

As the company was fueling its rocket as part of a routine test firing, the attendant ignored company policy to put out his cigarette while operating the nozzle. Although the result (pictured) was as impressive as a rocket launch, it was not a rocket launch, and the payload, the Ersatz space probe, was a total loss. Full story»

Hillary defiant
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NEW YORK -- (Gnome-speakernotes listen) Hillary's apparent stumble and collapse after heat exhaustion on a mild afternoon was a one-off event. The campaign explained that she was a victim of dehydration, as she doggedly refuses to take a sip of Perrier until all the nation's crises are completely solved.

Also, it was a rare form of bacterial pneumonia that is not contagious, meaning that neither Hillary's granddaughter nor an 11-year-old schoolgirl who gave a scripted hug to one of Ms. Clinton's cankles, are at risk. Full story»

What is Aleppo?
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- (Gnome-speakernotes listen) Hopes of United States voters to have some alternative to Trump and Clinton were dashed last week by dual own-goals.

Libertarian Gary Johnson made a disastrous choice to go on MSNBC, where he was asked the trick question, "Sooo...What about Aleppo?" Meanwhile, the Greens' Jill Stein spray-painted a bulldozer and faces arrest if she returns to North Dakota — only, who would? Full story»

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