Worst 100 Reasons to Become a Christian of All Time

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99 April Fools Jokes
98 Firefox extensions
97 Foods
96 Gifts to give a friend
95 Harry Potter Spin-offs
94 Inventions
93 Locations
92 LOL Cats
91 Make Out Songs
90 Moments to get a Boner
89 Moments to Laugh
88 Money Making Schemes
87 Movies
86 Nonexistent Words
85 Not In The Least Bit Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On
84 Nutty Conspiracy Theories
83 Overused Star Trek Episode Plots
82 Pick-up lines
81 Pokemon Cash-Ins
79 Things we learn from movies
78 Reasons to become a Christian
77 Reflections on 2005
76 Reflections on 2006
75 Reflections on 2007
74 Reflections on 2008
73 Reflections on 2009
72 Reflections on 2010
71 Reflections on 2011
70 Reflections on 2012
69 Reflections on 2013
68 Reflections on 2014
67 Rejected Harry Potter Novels
66 Remakes
65 Restaurants
64 Self Help Books
63 Sequels
62 Sexual Perversions
61 Short Poems
60 Sitcom Catchphrases
59 Songs
58 Songs about Seagulling
57 Songs Referencing Paedophilia
56 Songs To Have Sex To
55 Songs To Play At A Funeral
54 Spinoffs
53 Superheroes
52 Things About the '00s
51 Things Rick Astley is Never Gonna Do
50 Things to do during Christmas
49 Things to Put In An IV
48 Things To Say In Court
47 Things to Say in the Workplace
46 Things to say on a First Date
45 Toys
44 TV Programs
43 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes
42 Video Games of all time‎
41 Video Game Movies
40 Video Game Systems
39 Ways To Be Castrated
38 Ways to be Circumcized
37 Ways to Deliver Bad News
36 Ways to Die (Best)
35 Ways to Die (Worst)
34 Ways to Kill Sarah Connor
33 Ways to Start a Novel
32 Ways to Win an Argument
31 Weapons
30 Rock Bands

This page is practically blank, because there is no real reason to be Christian, other than the ones the Bible tells you. The thing is, if the bible is wrong, and it tells you what to believe, then what you believe is wrong.

Uhh, just kidding. The Real Reasons:

100. Everybody's doing it. 
Having people tell you what to think and believe is the first step to being a Christian.
99. Those Greco-Roman gods just don't hold out the promise they used to. 
Xenu triumphs!
98. Christianity's the most inexpensive religion around--just ask the Oracle at Delphi! 
Except for Taoism, which doesn't require ANY tithes.
97. Jesus is going to be really pissed if you don't. 
Be scared! WOoOoOoO. He's going to get you!
96. Battle of Milvian Bridge 
...need we say more?
95. George Dubya Bush is one.  
If the president is one, it must be good!
94. It makes you happy. 
this is only true as the bible is made of weed.
93. Satan is bad. 
He's evil. He lets people lead their lives the way they want to.
92. Church cleanses your soul. 
After all, you could be doing much better things!
91. The Pope wears a cool hat, and he's a christian. 
You might also be able to wear one (if you're a man and a virgin).
90. There is no reason. 
The decision on being a Christian is led by your faith alone. That's why we put annoying men on almost every street corner to pass out little copies of the New Testament.
89. When you die, you go to Heaven
What could be better than dying and ascending into the clouds where you spend the rest of eternity hanging out with CHRISTIANS?!? I know... An eternity of Hellfire!
88. God tells you to. 
Dude, if you're hearing voices in your head, it's probably not God.
87. You get to meet new friends. 
And then you can go sin up a storm together and be forgiven next week!
86. Free bread and wine. 
Note - Catholics only.
85. You've got a bone to pick with Buddha. 
Really, man. What did Buddha ever do to YOU?
84. To escape extradition. 
Trust me, it doesn't work.
83. They serve soup
the soup is full of roofies so the pope can get ya!
82. You left a conspicuous stain on an intern's dress. 
I'm talkin' to YOU, Rumsfeld!
81. You need an excuse to marry your 13- year old cousin. 
It's tricky. Some churches will let you, others won't. Choose carefully.
80. You are Robert Tilton
Sorry, Robert. It's far too late for you now. The Devil has you, and you're not going to find any loopholes in THAT contract. Qabbassandah Oh-sOYah, bitch!!
79. You thought they were tolerant of gays because of the way their music sounds on the radio. 
Boy, were YOU fooled!
78. Chuck Norris is a christian, and Chuck Norris is strong and wise! 
Chuck Norris is actually a worshipper of Chuck Norris, and would totally kick The Pope's Ass.
77. You're afraid of Terrorists
Yeah start worshipping a God they HATE! That'll help!
76. You're afraid of Christians
They're just as afraid of you as you are of them. That's the scary part.
75. You're afraid of Burning in Hell
Who isn't? But let me clue you in to a little secret... Hell isn't for eternity. It actually only lasts a couple of decades, and after that, those pussy liberal angels let you into Heaven and declare you "rehabilitated". Think I'm joking? Go ahead, rape and murder some people, get put to death in the electric chair, and see how long you spend in Hell. It won't be more than fifty years. I'm serious.
74. You're dying, you know it, and you see the error of your ways. 
Maybe you should've told your son you were proud of him BEFORE he started hating you.
73. Stronghold 2 wasn't great. let's be honest and move*BECOMECHRISTIAN*,move... on. to christiland.
72. You deciphered an ancient secret code that was hidden in some DaVinci paintings. 
Yeah, DaVinci was a cross-dresser. So is EVERY Pope. Even Pope Yoda. You didn't know that? That was the big secret that the Catholic Church was trying to suppress all those years. Silken comfort.
71. Christians are tolerant of deviant sexual practices. 
Only if you're a priest, and only if they "don't know about it".
70. That commercial you saw made it seem so SEXY! 
Those tight-fitting leather chastity belts... oh yeah...
69. Sixty-nining with chicks you meet in church. 
Wait, that's a good reason...
68. Sixty-nining with the pastor. 
Oof. Never mind.
67. Nicking cash out of the collection plate. 
Fishes and loaves, baby, fishes and loaves.
66. Christians have healthy sex lives. 
Hope you enjoy missionary, loser.
65. Some of the greatest minds in history were Christians. 
Think of George Dubya, Hitler, and many other charismatic and outgoing people.
64. We are officially the coolest outfits ever to impersonate dull people badly
63. Forgiveness is a virtue, but tell that to japan and they'll tell you that Jesus was a really funky man
62. This reason is essentially the lyrics to "Consider yourself" from the musical Oliver. look it up, you atheist bitches!
61. You can murder hundreds of people, get out of jail, and then become a priest.
60. You're a Muslim, but you think the Koran isn't quite bloody and violent enough for you. Then, you just happen to read the Gideon Bible in your seedy hotel room one night, and, voila!, you see the light!
59. You want virgins, and becoming a priest seems a lot easier than martyring yourself in the cause of a Jihad.
58. It can't hurt when in front of the Parole Board!
57. You get your own, free, guardian angel! 
Like you need another imaginary friend.
56. Your friends will only laugh at you for having 1 imaginary friend, not hundreds.
55. Your friends will actually laugh at you. never thought you'd hear them laugh in your presence did ya? Poor, lonely little boy.
54. You know Pat Robertson must have made a shitload of money when he sold his cable channel to Fox.
53. Ian Gillan of Deep Purple sang the part of Jesus on the original Jesus Christ Superstar album!  
and we all know Deep Purple kicks ass!
52. You saw Deep Throat on the Turner Classic Porno channel, googled Linda Lovelace, and found out she became "Born Again", and you could use a really good bj. 
Bad news, dumbass. She died in 2002. Even if she were alive, she'd be pushing 60, you sick bastard. Not to mention some pretty faulty logic to start with.
51. Republicans are cool, and they're ALL Christian.  
If you actually believe Republicans are cool, then go for it. Besides, look at all the fun Senators Craig and Foley had.
50. The power of prayer fixed your El Camino
Truly it is a miracle! Also, the stain on the rear fender is in the likeness of the Virgin Mary!
49. You survived the war. 
What kind of a God would have let that brutal, savage bloody war happen in the first place? I'm talkin' to YOU, C.S. Lewis!
48. You take one look at the invading White Man's God, and realize that these bastards KILLED THEIR OWN GOD, and nailed him to a piece of wood, and you start to get some inkling of a conception of what kind of psychos you're dealing with here. 
Sucks to be you, Coyoltzin.
47. You've been looking for someone to worship since Don Knotts' death.
46. Your wife insists you start attending church.  
I think it has something to do with your accidentally leaving the movie Caligula in the DVD player.
45. You think it will give you some of that famous latin passion.  
Esse, that aint got nothin to do with my man Jesus (Hey Zeus)
44. You hate the Jews
43. You need to give your intolerant, bigoted letters-to-the-editor that extra zing 
By starting with 'As a Christian...'
42. You like the food that they serve on Sundays.
41. you think that that you are jesus christ.
40. you think you are god.
39; you think you are an angel.
38. you wanna battle demons for the fun of it.
37. you wanna battle satan for the fun of it
36. you wanna argue with people.
35. you wanna be able to live a happy life.
34. you wanna be like Creed!
33. You get to kill witches. 
Also, you get to kill innocent people who are SUSPECTED of being witches!
32. That parting-the-Red-Sea scene in The Ten Commandments was badass!
31. They have cookies
30. You want a free ipod 
Just follow this link
29. You want one of those cool jesus on a cross statues
28. You read this list
27. A Crusader says he'll kill you if you don't. 
Screw that guy, he's probably not a real knight anyway. He's bluffing.
26. Romans persecuted and crucified Jesus, and you know how screwed up those a-holes were!  
Something you learned when you were ten years old, and your Dad left Caligula in the VCR, and you've been kinda freaked out ever since.
25. You like to perv up old women
24. In soviet russia, christianity joins YOU!!!
23. You begged and pleaded with God that you would change your sinful ways and pledge your life to Him right before were about to drive head-on into a semi!  
Then the lightning struck the semi and instantly incinerated it. You harmlessly drove over a pile of ash. Now you're fucked. Hello, God! Goodbye, fun!
22. You prayed out of desperation that your abusive, cheating, truck-driving husband would die.  
Then the Highway Patrol called to tell you your husband was incinerated when lighting struck his gasoline-laden semi! Now you're free to become a lesbian! Uh-oh, might want to double-check with God on that one first.
21. Christians get buy one get one free on tesco value biscuits
20. Your mom told you to
19. You read a Jack Chick comic-book tract, and it moved you so deeply that you saw the light.
18. The law states that if you believe in jesus, you can break the copyright law.
17. You fancy your local vicar
16. Church ends with urch 
in some language, that probably has a meaning
15. The jonas brothers 
Didn't they write a songabout christianity, or was that jesus...?
14. They've got madeline
13. Hitler will get you if you aren't one
12. I said so
11. You believe in all that codswallop
10. Edward cullen is a chritian
9. A whole new world of hypocrisy to explore!
8. The Missionary position!  
That'll keep your 230-pound wife from wanting to get on top
7. To meet people.
6. All the politicians are Christian
5. You were raised as one. 
no excuse at all.
4. Kirk Cameron  
When you were 13, he made you wet as Mike Seaver on Growing Pains and now your 36 and he's a TV evangelist!
3. You're a member of NAMBLA and looking for a career that's right for you. 
You read about the shortage of Catholic Priests. DING!
2. To revitalize your dying career in entertainment. 
I'm talkin' to YOU, MC Hammer!
1. you know that leg you lost, back in the 'nam? yeah, the one they couldnt fix... well let's just say I have a neurosurgeon friend whose hands are like giant scalpels covered in butter and joy. oh, ok, so, well, if that doesn't get your hot young motor running, then perhaps its best to think of them as "life...spunkers." Yes... Thats one word that the heathens will never tarnish.
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