Reasons God Exists

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God must exist, otherwise how did we know what he looks like?

Throughout history we've been asked to find evidence as to whether or not God exists, now that we've entered the 21st century it seems that the world is turning to Science for answers and in danger of losing faith altogether we must come up with valid reasons as to why God exists - without question or error. Luckily we have managed to do just that, so sit back and be amazed as we bring you the reasons God exists.

edit We Survived The Ice Age

God must exist if only for the fact that we managed to survive the Ice Age, human beings are not known to be the most intelligent of creatures and surely such a cataclysmic event would of wiped our ancestors out had it not been for the divine glory of our God.

Wait, what do you mean the Ice Age was a lie? Oh yes I forgot - 20,000 years ago is widely known to predate the creation of our Earth (which is only 10,000 years young).

edit Jesus Said So

Jesus Christ was almost definitely a real figure of history and he was also of the position that God existed - in fact he believed so strongly that he named himself the son of God and established one of the largest religions in the world as a result: faced with great prejudice throughout his life he ultimate gave his life for his faith.

Almost everything Jesus said was true so this must also be true - because if Jesus said it was real who are we to question him?

edit The Bible Tells Us It's True

The Bible states from the beginning that God is real and as we all know the bible is filled with unquestionable facts even science must admit defeat to, this book is looked upon as the heart of most of the world's great religions and has proved us with centuries of comfort and wisdom (we try to forget the whole war, terrorism and occassional blood libel thing..)

edit If It's Popular It Must Be Correct

The vast majority of the world still believes in some sort of God - it is an almost universal fact that if a concept is popular it must also be correct, thus this single reason alone blows away almost all opposition.

In short of God doesn't exist how can you explain so many people believing in him? are you going to risk being like that nerd at High School nobody talks to? go on - believe.. everyone else is doing it (don't let those graphs depicting a decline in faith fool you either)

edit Intolerance

God has long been associated with intolerance, he has asked his followers to smite the wicked and destroy what displeases him - although some would argue this reason is flawed and at odds with modern day teachings we would say "nein" - for God is an angry God and he has shown his existence by keeping humanity intolerant of one another for centuries.

What? you say that this is actually more a reason for Satan existing than God? well that just shows that you must be a sinner..

edit The Voice In My Head Says It's True

Although many may find the last reason to be unorthodox I feel the need to say it regardless, the voice in my head tells me God exists and the voice is always right.. the voice is always right.. the voice is always right.. the voice is always...

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