Real IQ Test

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Real IQ Test

Answer these questions and check your results.

edit Here we go!

  • 1a. Name twelve countries in Europe.
  • 1b. Name two cities in London.
  • 1d. Name Twelveoleen Peoples
  • 3. How much? Describe in detail, using only the letters R, Q, W, W, Q, P, $, and the number three.
  • 4. True. Prove that the previous statement was false.
  • 5. Create a rift in the space time continuum by using only the power of song.
  • 6. If LIVED is to DEVIL then STOIDI is to...
  • 7. What the crap did the previous just mean?
  • 8. Is that the part of this IQ test?
  • 9. View this:
  • 1 2
  • 3 ?
  • What should come as the "?" ?
  • 11. Name three Oscar-winning films
  • 12. Say the word NICE POO backwards with a rewind-alike sound effect.
  • 13. Say the word OOP ECIN forwards with a Golden Emmy Award-alike special effect
  • 16. Where is a woman?
  • 17. Why is a woman?
  • Eleven Twelfty. When is a woman?
  • 20. Why is this a lousy test?
  • 21. wow, can someone help this person make this page funny.
  • 22. wow, can someone help this page make this person funny.
  • 23. Do you actually have friends?
  • 24. I'm sorry.
  • 25. Why me?
  • 26. Whats Green+3.666?
  • 27. When is Happy-Go-Hug-Your-Comrade day?
  • 27 1/2. Are you Russian to finish this test?
  • 28. Describe jesus in as many words as possible. -maximum word count 1/2-
  • 29. Bounce or Wiggle? -Dont stare at them-
  • 30. If you are dislexic please skip to question 69-or 96 your choice
  • 31. Where do green beans come from?
  • 32. how do you bust a nut?

edit Final test results

Hooray!!11one11 You Won The Game!!! Here is your result:


Simply double-click the black bar thingie and see your retarded number... thingie

Real IQ test

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