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Randumbo is a literary device to combine unconnected ideas and cover them in dumb humour sauce and present it as the work of a comedic genius[1]. It can be commonly seen on websites where the entry ticket is free and the pop adverts are way more interesting than anything you can see on the page.


Japanese costume drama and a story about a flying elephant. Think they will go together anytime soon? See below.

First appearing in the UnOxford dictionary and then refined and bagged up by Collins, Randumbo combines the long established Random Humour beloved by surreal poets and James Joyce devotees[2] and Dumb Humour of the kind associated with Jim Carrey and Benny Hill[3]. It combines therefore the worst of both worlds and looks ugly when practised without the benefit of closed curtains. Unless it is a pachyderm with outsized ear flaps.

edit Random

In Berlin, German leader Adolf Hitler asks Hermann Goering how the bombing campaign against London is progressing. The corpulent ex-First World War fighter ace[4] proudly informs his Fuhrer that the Luftwaffe has destroyed Random. Hitler demands proof. Goering replied:

Mein Fuhrer. Our radio monitors have picked up BBC signals telling the English that our airman have been 'bombing at Random once again. We know this is a code word for London so I can assure you, we will be marching down Whitehall by 1941 and watch Winston Churchill swing on a rope outside Buckingham Palace.

Hitler then remembered a friend of his back in the earlier war. Heinz Random, he had served with him in the Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment 16 in the 1914-1918 war. Hitler and Random worked as dispatch runners on the Western Front. Hadn't Random once told him he had had heard the British Tommies be told 'Fire At Random' when they say him trying to run across the top of the trenches? Ah yes. Random nearly made it to the end but his luck had run out when he was blown up by a tank shell. Random had left behind his word generator. Hitler cranked it into life:-


Heinz Random is in this photograph.

  • hating
  • hinted
  • haunch
  • humped
  • hoarse
  • haired


Six words starting with H. What would be the seventh? A seal[6] interrupted:

Random House book publishers. Founded in 1927 by two American publishers: Donald S. Klopfer and Bennett Cerf. Prominent Jewish businessmen who chose the title in memory of Heinz Random who they never knew. Offered to publish 'Mein Kampf' in America as a Bad Joke book. Refused. More fish please."

Hitler looked at Goering.

"What is the connection between eating carrots and RADAR?".

edit Dumbo


They're coming to get you!


Donald Duck learning his lines for his role in 'Operation Duck and Cover'.

Have you seen an elephant fly? But you have seen a horse fly!

Walt Disney devised his cartoon about the flying elephant in 1940 and the film was released in 1942. It is also thought of the one of the first films to use the imagery of drugs and excess to make a surreal point as in the song Pink Elephants on Parade. Here Dumbo isn't Dumb but the ring leader of a gang of elephants who want to obstruct the American war effort. Disney's ran his film studio like a dictator and admired the 'action men' of his era who had worked in a similar way with their countries. Donald Duck was hired to fight for and against the Nazis on behalf of Cartoon One World.

The voice of Dumbo was said to be Clark Gable who also had 'sticky out ears'. This is one of those unprovable facts as Dumbo speaks no lines in the film. Later Gable heard the rumours that Disney put around this story because he had disliked Gable's efforts to involve the USA in the Second World War. Disney was alleged to favour the Axis powers and remained an anti-Communist. This held him in good stead when other film studios were accused of being in the pay of the Soviet Union when they had made films supporting the Red Army.

edit Rambo


Sylvester Stallone demonstrating his 'no one gets in this picture if they have bigger moobs than me!' order.

Super patriotic Sylvester Stallone was keen to re-fight the Vietnam War with dumb patriotism and so sent a script to film studios titled Randumbo:Random Elephantisis. He added a list of demands:-

  • Stallone's tits to be bigger than anyone else including any roles played by women.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger barred from auditioning for the film.
  • 110% profits.
  • Merchandising rights for the shaggy haired assassin look.

Turnarounds, new writers, new film companies and a change of title to 'First Blood' and Stallone got his movie. The macho and dumb approach coined the world "Rambo" as vainglory heroics to a thumping musical score. Stallone's inability to make himself understood led to later action films where the hero's ability with weapons and firepower meant more than articulating what his problems really were.

Randumbo on the other hand...

edit Conclusion

The internet. My sister wants the bandwidth to chat on line with a boyfriend with a receding hair line.

edit References

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