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“Oh yeah, get in my cave rude man...”
~ Jenna Jameson on Random's caveman abilities.

Here we have a image of a caveman's balls.

A Caveman. oh yeah, he is pretty random.

They are men known to have caves, that's why they are so called "cavemen". Scientists are still on research about they mystery of the caves of the Random Caveman. Random Cavemen are still part of fetish in the woman's dimension, they play big roles in pornography and cooks. They are also main theme in few horrible movies, specially those ones made in the late 80's.

edit Historical Background

Before Jesus was born, the Cavemen ruled the world for several millenia. Scientists are not able to provide much information as Random Cavemen are extremely adaptable race, disguising theirselves easily into new ages and new civilizations. They are wandering all the world by now, probably there is one right behind you, better don't look 'cause they get mad easily

edit First sight

Random Cavemen were firstly sighted at a limited series of Captian Crunch's cereal many years ago. Well, as they are random, they didn't get any popular, and many people don't know about their existence.

edit In the 80's and 90's

Being random allowed the random cavemen to participate in many musicals in later 80's till mid 90's, as of course, random cavemen. but Broadway went further and created new musicals, including cats. They also had few tries in the Hollywood movies, we all remember the movie "conan" and other not-so-funny-but-hey-better-then-those-new-crappy-comedies comedy movies. Sure u all remember that movie that a boy finds an frozen caveman.

edit ...till today

Well, as Random Cavemen have many mysterious things about past like "where were they born first?" and "why don't they use french cologne?" but as they have a great portfolio in show biz they still work on tv.

edit Ancient Past

Well, they are pretty ugly but people say they were born at the same year of the last pope but since pope is always with god, they must be pretty old. As far as Ancient Random Cavemen go, the Mythology of their civilization is not all clear to today Modern Science. It's know that they worshiped bad painters and really ugly paintings on stones. The myth about their power is that it is connected to their cave of "origin". Women in this ancient civilization were treated like, well, like women deserve.

edit Cavemen molecule composition

As only 34.5% of they composition of the Random Cavemen have been discovered, the other 99,-123% are still a mystery to Scientists. but they have already found the main composition of the Random Cavemen, these are:

  • lots of percentage of Randomium, which is believed for taking part of the randomness of Random Cavemen ( see Idiotic Table of the Elements for more information)
  • Random quantities of Fartium (check the table n00b)
  • Small quantity of URSS flowing.

Sure there is a lot more to discover, but advances are tough as they appear randomly in the Oscar Wilde

edit Famous Random Cavemen

edit External links

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