“If I wanted to read shitty fanfics about stupid vampires I'd read twilight”
~ Oscar Wilde on Quizilla
“Then all the super-sexy hot emo vampire romantic boys kissed me tenderly, "lets make this a memory one of the choir of Vamps spoke....”
~ A 13 year old girl on Quizilla
“Despite its name Quizilla is generally used for looking at fanfics”
~ Captain Obvious on Quizilla

Quizilla is a gathering point for lonely goth girls and perverse old men masquerading as intelligent, attractive, popular young men who just like answering polls like "If you could she-rape any twilight guy, who would it be?". These old men are very successful with the 13-14 year old female audience, this is due to their hormones interfering with the part of their minds that says " what would all these popular attractive, well muscled, emo, romantic guys be sitting on a shitty quiz site answering stupid quizzes and reading fanfics like this, a similar phenomenon occurs when they listen to My Chemical Romance.

Typical ContentEdit

These are, I shit you not actual, Quizzila Fanfics/Quiz titles:

  • human girl rooming with three vampire boys. . .can it get any worse? *part 30*
  • I'm a vampires pet? Big mistake
  • My Parents Sold My Soul to a Vampire and Now I Have to Marry Him?!?! chapter 19
  • {My Roommate's A Super-Sexy Vampire....So What?} ((30))
  • Only a Vampire can Love you Forever[Part 22] Tear Drop
  • He Doesn't Look Like a Monster to Me [A Vampire Love Story] � 40
  • An Arranged Marriage To A Vampire Prince... Did I forget To Tell You He's Sometimes Immature? Ch. 11
  • ARANGGED MARRIGE?! TO HIM?! BUT I' M ONLY 12 !!AND HE'S 18!! [emo/vampire L story] chp.6 What the flip?!

I'm seeing a theme here, people.

(Hint: The theme is vampires - Captain Obvious).

Not to mention the other dumbass fanfics about Harry Potter, Naruto, and Teacher/Student Relationships. All I'm saying is that you should not have anything that can used as a weapon near you when your on this website.