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OMG, you'r in a quiz man!!

1. What's a quiz?

A. A nasty surprise.
B. A chance to show off your brains.
C. A quiz

edit 2. What do you think of this quiz?

A. It's cool man.
B. Where's the content, man?
C. Trust me, You don't even want to know.

edit 3. Is this pointless?

A. I 'm not sure why I 'm filling in this quiz, but it has a certain point.
B. I'm still reading, surely there must be some point to it.
C. This is pointless but my pencil has a nice sharp point that I'm about to attack you with.

edit 4. Is it an interesting idea to stop with this quiz?

A. No.
B. Yes.
C. Maybe.
D. It doesn't matter: This is a quiz.

edit 5. Do you like the potatoes in this quiz?


This guys brains is a question mark, it's in the quiz man.

A. Only with onion sausage on it.
B. I like French Fries, ils sont très magnifiques, bonjour salut.
C. What are potatoes?
D. I'm allergic to potatoes. Quizzes too. They give me headaches.

edit 6. What do you think of the idea of this quiz?

A. Does this quiz have an idea?
B. I didn't know that a quiz can think.
C. What's a quiz like without an idea?
D. This is a quiz whose writer is running out of ideas.

edit 7. Quizzes are cool, don't you agree?

A. What's the point of quizzes?
B. Quizzes suck, but this one has a point.
C. Quizzes suck, this one too.
D. This is a quiz, so of course quizzes are cool since I know the writer of this quiz is biased towards quizzes.

edit 8. Do you like answering this quiz, or are you just wasting your time?

A. I'm not sure, why do I have to answer this?
B. I'm wasting my time.
C. I like answering this quiz.
D. This is a quiz, and I'm too stubborn to quit before it's finished.

edit 9. This sucks

A. No, really?
B. No, it doesn't, why do you say this of your own quiz?
C. I don't think this sucks, I'm good at quizzes.
D. I think the person who wrote this has missing brains.
E. This is a quiz, and I am at a loss to describe the extent of the suckage.

edit 10. What do you think of this quiz?

A. It was nice, but not intelligent.
B. It wasn't nice, nor intelligent.
C. It was sexy, but not intelligent.
D. This was a quiz. See answer to #9.

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