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Putty is also known as Puh-ee (Jeff Gordon), Pah-tee (Australia), Put-eh (canada), Puddy (USA), Puddle (Russia) and 70071 (Leet). Putty is a culinary delicacy in many part of the developed world, including Europe, Japan and the USA. In many other parts of the world genuine Putty is unaffordable, so a cheap and most likely toxic version is sold, called "Putt-0".

edit The discovery of Putty.

Putty was first discovered by Sir. Benedict Chuckle in 1879, who was trying to find a laxative to sneak into his brother's Ready-Brek. Unfortunately for poor Benedict the putty was found to have a rather emetic effect and Benedict died drowning in his brother's vomit whilst snogging him, he later came back to life to star as one quarter of a crappy double act known as The Chuckle Brothers.

edit Uses of Putty.

Putty is prized for its wide range of uses, from a meal, in dishes such as Putty Pie, Putty Cassarole and Putty Korma, to a Class A Drug (known as Skunk Putty).

Satan is one of the most gay dealers in Shunk Putty. He is reputed to mix it with his own shit then eat it cos he's gay.

One type of Putty is a high power plastic explosive more commonly known as C4. (This version is NOT edible, primarily bacause it doesn't taste very nice.)

edit Putty Dishes

Mississippi Putty Pie.

Putty Taco.

Putty Korma.


Putta-Putta Kebab.

edit Types of Putty.

Common or Garden Putty.

Benedict Chuckle's Old Time Putty Recipe. (Slightly Carconagenic.)

Skunk Putty. (May contain Satanic Wee-Wee.)

Silly Putty


Common Eraser (Yummy.)

that putty i stick up my ass crack

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