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Purerave began in 1998, as somewhat of an experiment in really bad HTML code. The first version, created as a school project by Sauron, The PLUR Bunny and Joely '(yes, that's his name)' aka Mein Führer. Having realized how easy it was to create a site and make others fill it with content, the team went on to learn the real power of the dark side of HTML - aka PHP. Eventually, Sauron left to conquer middle earth as a giant flaming vagina-like eye, leaving The PLUR Bunny and Joely to produce an amazing less-than-technicolour vomit of webcode. Eventually, the P.L.U.R Bunny left Purerave to spread his Candy Love throughout the masses, leaving Joel by himself to produce an amazing web based community just full of the purest form of P.L.U.R around. This was Purerave 2.0.

Sauron, co-creator of Purerave

Over the years, the site went from 'completely free', to some people can pay, to 'people who want the better features have to pay', to you definately have to pay, only to eventually go back to you not really having to pay. All this time, purerave kept it's relative shape and form, as well as it's fugly blue background. This is the very same background colour pattern that caused Marvin Heemeyer to go haywire in his Killdozer, destroying half of a small town in the United States somewhere.

edit Added Features

Joely likes to come up with new "added features" every year or so. Such features include, ads on all pages, ads on some pages, ads on only the front page.

edit The Grey Period

For a brief time in experimenting with the overall design and complete overhaul into the php format there was an option to change the theme of purerave to two alternate colours apart from the default blue.

The experiment may have only been set as an option to the "Moderators" or "Moderators In Training" "Or That May Be Dating A Moderator" and thus be able to change settings on their computer while they were busy thinking of the next ultimate message flame neutralizer. To effectively moderate and keep the peace between the warring junglist and candykid enthusiasts. Most of the moderators tastes bordered on eclectic but found a uniform balance in break beats and house. Which sonically brought balance to any DJ's bag of tricks whenever we needed to "COOL OUT MAN!" B boy stance was useful in gripping the sides for a mostly peaceful "Plur-ification" Thus the colour grey was mostly likely a secret weapon in which to numb or "K" out the borders in to a mostly peaceful utopian way of interacting.

Member usage was high and original more than 10 were in fact the place the moderators came and discussed topics that went on the "Message Board" which was the original posting place of the community which was connected to a website "Ezboard.com" which could be recognized by the internet hypertext and pretty prefix "pub.ezboard.com" ie "pub3.ezboard" which was a separate free msg board website that hosted many other community spaces.

Thus also was the great "Fake Pure Rave" Board which caused some members to be banned for copyright infringements of the graphics. Which was a clone made that tricked some users into thinking the moderators had let all rules and discipline fall away. Many users were tricked and this became a thread in itself and secret enjoyment of fooling people. Slowly the number of posts declined on purerave. What had happened?

Were the rules too harsh. Too Over Enforced? Gods disciples didn't leave because he had bread and wine MMM yummy

As it was the new Pure Rave (Anything Goes Version) which if you weren't too much of Young Eintstein and knowing why your hair stands on end, you should have figured out it was a funny spoof.  Other spoofs came as sub communities such as the "Booty Board"  Which was in respects to keeping all "hooking up" and "sexually charged content" off as a main topic hitting number one spot thus popularizing it's own board. So with seemingly every foot down of control Joel put forth there was an answer or sarcasm or the people "The content" of the board leaving and going to make their own board.  Although as these sub boards made great headway and there were some unplanned pregnancies in their genesis.  Rules and regulation we found were the staples that was needed for the fragile ecosystem of board drama and growth"

==Pure Rave Picnics== Also were quite popular in the board giving itself a human face. Although it was still the internet during the hey day that you could talk to someone and they didn't have a scanner excuse to show you what they looked like on-line. It was that fun mystery and still high level of worry of Pedophiles and child Molestors. Or really really annoying Anime Nerds. As many would were animal cow print patterns on really huge pants o be dressed up like rainbow brite and hanging out in a park doing tai chi like dances with their hands. These were the sons of the concierge industry who's fathers had told their sons and daughters not to mix with the regular riff raff. But the silver spoons offspring wanted rules to break yet they had everything. In this bubble the "Rich Kid With A Big House " party became a ways to break the rules and flaunt your status. Consequently this is the main idea of or heart of why a rave could be a natural adrenalin rush. It's not your bloody house to throw a party in....but can you do it before Daddy Warbucks gets home? And how many people can you invite?

Thus a microcosm of society still existed the haves and the have nots and the I haves too much that Im' so bored we should do something or break expensive stuff we have just to say that we can.

What was kept around was and was still board acceptable and the most popular repeat topics "Introduction Thread" "Does anyone live in this town thread" "I need a ride to this location thread" "Who do you think is hot thread" "The Picture Thread" and the "Why did someone break up for me thread" or the give me sympathy thread. Which repeated so many times it became a discussion based around one person and slowly got sort of ANTI community and LOOK at me. But at the same time it harmonized the community. Often time the "Purerave Moderators" where at their own decison on when to close a thread or not. It was also noted who closed the thread. Which brought an air about it that certain moderators where nice. And some brought a "Simon Cowell" sort of air to it. Moderators also had to power to kick you out of the board after too many repeat offenses. Which mostly revolved around bullying and flaming.

Although this was not taken too lightly by the the creator of the Fake Purerave Board complied with his wishes and it was politely taken down and after some scolding and some mild picture flashing. All was forgiven and utopia reigned for the next 100 pure rave cycles until the new leader from the east would come to unite the Kansas factions by the Kan "Sassers" slowy realizing to adopt a more United Nations mentality of…..Super annoying niceness but not in anyway asking them to adopt to any Canadian ideals. As talks progress to date. There is much talk of plans of the "Avro Military Plane Blueprints" to make their safe return through the purerave Kansas faction. Preferably rolled up in a milk crate or stuffed in-between some vinyls of unused and really scratched up "Disco House" Records. It should be noted that "Disco House" was also the colour "Grey" in most early nineties music visualizers.

1. Colour option "GREY ". Also should be noted…as I realized would have thought to be have spelled "Gray" in the Anglo Saxon, the Monarchy still owns us? Way. The overall look reflected only the user currently logged in and did not show the same across the system. It was a personal preference. Option of grey may have stirred feelings of "unfunness" or "lack lustre en grise" it was something that the longest trance set or the deepest drum and bass jungle could not over turn. A spectrumless uninspiring background which often times wasn't too set on as it ….faded into the background…The only way to counteract this sense of "Downness" apart from letting all the other users know that your "EMOTICON" status was.

The [Emoticon] (emotive symbol or icon next to your online status name) function slowly grew in numbers as we realized the human condition was frighteningly full of fits, fun and facades. Although emoticon function showed most members were sad a lot…it did not mean you were as often times you may have been to lazy to change it…most often it gave good looking people reason for male harpies to play the shoulder to cry on role and crouching tiger stance and thus effectively strike up a fake conversation with other intentions in mind. WINK WINK. Thus emoticons played an integral part in interaction. Even if you were butt ugly we are trained culturally and in the eyes of semiotics to feel a sense of caring to a simple yellow circle two dots and a smiley face. And no one. NO one can stare at someones name in text with a blue circle next to it with a sad face. That would just be really cruel. And heartless. The only excuse is if you said it kind of melted into the blue background. BUT…as design Savvy as the beautiful Joel was. Get this….he made sure that the names and emoticons…had a #FFFFFF background thus it's always the little things isn't it. Digression was a given.

 Again with Grey melancholy was often cheered up by playing a "REALLY GREAT TRACK!" by Pendulum "Still Grey"  which as low-key and melancholy as the music delivers it is coated with a delicious candy of bouncy bleeps and trancy-air cavernous bliss-topia. Other not made up but maybe made up classifications come close to "brain dance" "binaural" or just makes your booty bounce for some reason.

Blue still had vivacious feelings and countered the effect of party people who had epilepsy as it did not go too overboard in the spectrum after a night of lasers and youthful mindless lip locking. Although this did not help berserk and hiding their urges for violent and rampant rage as they were forced to stay in default setting. The baby blue colour lay indelible in the colour of choice.

The experiment was to see how connected our board users were. As the expectant blue did not show. Then familiarity did not register…fear..anger..leads to hate…then you end up killing all the children and the moms and their pets with light sabres. So there was introduction of another colour option.

edit 2. Colour option "BROWN"

Yes brown. Like the sand people, like with a more mocha. But not quite as Mocha as Ricky Martin would like it to be. It still retained the mysterious squares in the background. But like many autumn deciduous leaves the idea fell away and did not stay long. The people had spoken.

WE WANT BLUE BACK (with our little splash of yellow off to the side)

Today Pure Rave stills rocks and styles it's blue figure like many transcendent famous spiritual gods of the east. It has purged its insecurity of changes and wows to get your attention and to retain and regain your Regal Royale With Cheese loyalty. If there really was a real drug that got the partiers parting and the musicians trying to write stuff to keep the kids dancing or confused if the kids are even listening and just dancing because no other djs are playing or the kids not even knowing whats good and copying the other cool kids and progressors into the rave unknown. and since you have the equipment so we might as well……then it is the Community. New "Ravelings" will still be hatching and thus a new crop must be born learn and make the old mistakes of thinking what we are doing is somewhat related to music or we want to be a neo-hippy without having to really draft dodge anything.

If I'm really just trying to wrap this up right now in a wiley explanation to the world. I really feel like going and partying again! I just watched GROOVE. So awesome man…I need to hug someone NOw!!!


The population of purerave fluxes like many capacitors in time. It was greatly influxed by the "Hulla" population. Which rivalled it's mantra. But came together really nicely. As happy, wanting to have fun and make out with people and not feeling remorse the next day because I really can't remember if that happened or not.

As Plur was a unifying Mantra in ideal as fashion and as clothing brands and "Looks and style" mutated they became unifying trends to rival those ideals. Consumerism yes had found it's way into the creative fold which used to be ruled by do it yourself righteousness and a suit made out of silver duct tape! People were segregating themselves either musically or by fashion choice. What you were denoted your style and musical tastes. Just as which board you posted. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. But the clan Mcloud would prove versatile.

"Did you go on that blue board yet?" "Yeah the blue one? what's it called?"

An example of how it used to stay secret and in the subculture. Thus many may not know that there was a sub level of purerave and a lower level beyond that one. And so forth. I believe the actual Mantra was "Keep the vibe alive" So anyone that had vibe usually ended up there in some way shape or form. IF YOU WERE COOL! and especially effective if you spoke in block caps.

As the rave scene was in danger of complete close out. It was the boards. Of every style. Toronto Raves, Booty Board, Pure Rave Hulla Board. They all coalesced around human life. We didn't want people dying on the dance floor. It was the restructuring of our phases, our habits, losses and failures and addictions. The boards and communities came through again. Reaching out to people who were. Really living loud. Whether you thought it was right or wrong or plain weird.

The true rave heart really rivalled the hippy days in the late 80s and early 90's We are among you, all grown up, with kids.

And our colour was ALL the same. Our colour was all the same.

Thats why to this day forward. Each and every Toronto raver of the puts still carries their plastic whistle and pacifier in a special box of memories tucked away where nobody can see it. Have we really forgotten

Have we? The colour blue was the grey in the darkness and the light.

edit The Kansas Controversy

For some unknown and stupid reason, the owner of purerave after hearing of a similar website having financial problems, told that site's owner that he could take on the soon-to-be-displaced massive of retarded, rednecked ICP fans. This move was generally regarded as a saving grace for Kansas kids, and generally regarded as the worst move in history since Napoleon went to Waterloo.

Since the influx of teenage skanks, juggalos and Ass Klowns, Purerave has turned into a battleground between Canadians and Kansas retards, who, are blissfully unaware that Canada is not in fact a very large city to the north. It's rather surprizing that many don't ask us how many miles to the can of dog food we get with our sleds. For those who don't know - the EPA is roughly 1can per 80mi.

edit The Message Board Controversy

Once upon a time... there was a message board. Then there wasn't. Then there was. Things apparently got "out of hand" and suddenly, there wasn't a message board anymore. and suddenly, everyone remembered how much of a Jewish Nazi douchebag the guy running it all is.

edit Meth Use


If you can make it through years 7 and 8 you get way better looking at 9 and 10!

edit The Llamacon

The llamacon began as a simple idea to have a new icon on pr. This icon represented an ode to all the wise experienced pr users. Although a beautiful llama icon was created after many rejected llamas, it still was not good enough for Joely. However, purerave is still host to the ugliest icons on the web. This further proves that Joely is does not know what is best for his site and is having a hard time making simple descisions.

edit Service Disruptions

Despite the amazing number of idiots who have paid for CS status, the site goes down almost on a semi-regular basis. You could almost time each server crash with a timex watch - that is, if such watches allowed for 3 month intervals. Interestingly enough, each time the site goes down other sites like TorontoRaves experience a spike in visits.

edit The Great Crashes of 2005 and 2006

In 2005 the sever went down. People were alarmed but generally were able to continue with their Purerave existence after the site was brought back up. Unfortunately, in 2006, the entire website went down and the picture server that hosted many awesome images was completely erased due to mexicans trying to do tech support. Due to the fact that the website admin is a douche, shit doesn't get backed up, so it really doesn't matter how high the quality of mexican tech support is, nothing can bring back what is lost. As a result, this is what happens:


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