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== Puck's Position ==
== Puck's Position ==
Unfortunately, some people with deodorant-application issues (read: [[Dana]]) and [[LSD|lack-o-deodorant disorder]] happen to confuse the word 'Potion' with 'Position,' implying that the show is about some pose or geographical location, which couldn't be further from the truth. (What the [[Erf]]???) Of course, that's not what YOU were thinking, but we're trying to keep it clean for the children.
== The many wonderful uses of Puck ==
== The many wonderful uses of Puck ==

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Puck's Potion is a newly written musical by Jerry Vander Does and Briana Lindhal based off of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. The story is banal and trite, but amusing as all hell. Puck (just a little too close to another word in my opinion), a mystic has his way with a cast of sinning lecherous humans who insist on being uncommonly stupid right up to the final moment where they are showered with purple flower crap falling from the sky that is a pain in the ass to clean up.

Exposure to the Potion


be careful to avoid this flower at all cost, it's deadly!

The potion, supposedly a good thing, has not been tested by the FDA. In other words it could either cause you to fall in love with someone (possibly yourself, there's always that risk) or to break out in horrible green boils all over your body...yes, even there. Take the potion at your own risk.

Effects of the Potion

Puck's Potion has a degenerative effect on your health as you will find yourself singing about "the power of the flower" and unless you are in Nebraska (aka...hell) at the time you might be attacked by some random samurai pickle with a sledgehammer.

If you find yourself under the influence of Puck's potion you should buy yourself some ear plugs as to avoid the horror of the "Manhattan Island Breeze," as it BURNS. Not only does the name bring about the mental aroma of rotting sewage and unidentified garbage-eating rodents, the song itself is not much better. If you continue to suffer from this horrible affliction, call your doctor immediately and then stuff your head in a gas oven, completely eliminating any beneficial effects your doctor might have.

Early Warning Signs

One of the early warning signs that you might be infected by the potion is that you are going to Chaparral high school. this epidemic swept the school in the late 2005-2006 year. Many of the people here have built up an immunity to it, but newcomers beware of the aftermath and sweeping destruction of the Thespian bank account.

Another early sign of infection is a strange, unexplained obsession with purple flowers. If you feel the need to buy the cool purple-flower-converse, you know that you have reached the highest state of infection and should seek help immediately, or after you bought the shoes.

Puck's Position

The many wonderful uses of Puck

As you might have noticed further up in this article, the main character's name of Puck is quite helpful in many variations of the English language. If you are a Prude (chill the fuck out dude) and want to avoid using the "F word" then feel free to tell your friends that you are going to "puck them" or to go "puck off"

Pucking, the actual act of Pucking, is fun. To do the act of Pucking correctly takes years of experience as well as the strength of character and diligence to continue pucking even when you don't know what you are doing or how it will turn out. Pucking is more fun with a friend, but if you can't find anyone to Puck with you it is possible to do it alone. If you are new at Pucking, don't worry if it's bad the first few times, practice makes pucking perfect.

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