Proven Physical Hypothesis

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A Proven Physical Hypothesis is an idea, concept, ideology, theory, theorem, rosterum, quantum, quality, quantity, titty, argument, mediation, delegation, United Nation, or religion that scientists in certain fields of study, often Eugenics, Forensics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Alchemy, Geology, Scientology, Meteorology, and Evolution, require you be fully knowledgeable and indoctrinated upon so that you may be considered a functional member of Society. If you disagree with any proven physical hypothesis, your personal knowledge in other areas may be doubted or disregarded altogether.

To Be A Scientist (Or the Origins of PPH)

Since the ancient Greeks became scholars of the natural world around them, ascending from the Athenian caves to sudden and striking enlightenment, Scientists have been making the best guess at what things mean, why things happen, and why women don't poop, but men do.

Often times, these scientists just know something to be true, and to question this truth, you would have to be:

  • An Invalid
  • An Heretic
  • An Spaniard
  • An Horse, elected to the Senate

Questions the law of science ushers in massive and reciprocal repercussions, most often Death or Oscricision from Society.

Some Proven Physical Hypothesis, worthy of Repercussion

  • The Earth is Flat - Monarchs and the scientists who worked for them, even through the 21st century, believe the Earth is flat. That's just know it is, bub. Fuck your Space Program. Punishment: Disenfranchisement
  • Earth Is the Center of the Universe - Ask any astronomer and they will tell you that, without a doubt, the Earth is the center of the Universe. Why else would all those things swing around us, instead of us swingin' around them? Yeah, thought so. Punishment: Being laughed at like the dork you are.
  • Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Heart: As Captain Planet will tell you, only five elements exist in the Universe. All other things are those elements, mixed in some way. Punishment: Being labelled a croney of Captain Pollution and Doctor Blight.
  • Evolution - The works of the Almight Darwin have proven time and time again that the Evolutionary Theory, no matter in what form, has always bee right. All hail the Almight Darwin. Punishment: Being thrown into a den of lions.
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