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Bmup smaller This articall neads proofreding!!!

If speeling, punctuation & grammar isn't you're fortay,
nevar feer help was on teh way?

proof reading</b> is like this

I wanted to submit a page to uncyclopedia about proof reading, then i realized that no such page existed yet, and seeing as i am good user, i realized that i should create this page, so that it may be reviewed.

so i will keep the contents unchanged, because i know how proof reading works.

edit The Writer's Perspective

Here I am sitting with my hopes and dreams trying to become a writer, and I want to submit it to someone for approval, and then I realize that these folks here really do not care about my hopes and dreams

they really just want to review the true page. the one that I am able to submit to public or private users. So then I type this page. And then I realize that my story is still the same when it comes to proofreading.

proofreading is just another guy on the other side sitting there with his HUGE ego, and his little computer, reading my intellectual genius, and I want him to judge me? Eish!

Not for me, so the proofreading itself is what I do not care for. I do not want you to approve or decline the meaning of proofreading because it doesn't mean anything.

so please proofread this, and I hope that this page gets its special place in Uncyclopedia.

Or not...


edit the meaning of proofreading=

that is the meaning of proof reading, hope you have fun making your decision before deleting this page! because i know the meaning of writing as well. writing for me is all about exciting my readers, because i know that once i have them in agreement with me, and excited, then i can crush their hopes and dreams as well

i can show them, that really no one cares about them. no one. because everyone cares for themselves and loves everyone else. is simple really. so if you love me and you care for yourself you will keep this page here. you will not delete it, because it is mindless banter.

you will keep it here, because you know what i am saying is correct. that is it.

argue with me ... please, also! tell me my page is worthless, by just deleting it with no reason.

you do not even have to send me a warning or email to tell me it has been deleted.

someone has to do it, so i will by using my words. my words are here today, and tomorrow they are not. the same as yours. so whatever. i can type the same page in many different less offending ways. but really what is the point of that. it is the stuff that offends people that makes the most money.

edit offensive righting

yes, news papers offend people, by calling them into the belief that they should care what is going on in the rest of the world, and then they paint them the ugliest pictures possible. they print pictures of people being murdered on the news. it is horrible.

but they dont want me to write four the paper, so i right on the internet. welcome to the world wide web of mind fucking.

that is what is happening here all the time, and i dig that ! a mental wank is the best kind of wank.

hahahahhaa .... so hope i have done my part in the mental wank of consciousness ... so that ja ... you can see what i mean is not really really really important.

but it is important to me. hahahahaha ..... it is my intellectucal genius, how can i not be fond of it. It is of extreme high importance, isnt' it?

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