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Procrastination is an action performed by people with no lives. People usually procrastinate by spending time on Facebook. The tell tale signs of a procrastinator include

I'm bored. 
Let's watch T.V. 
I'll finish this later. 

Facebook International Baccalaureate

Being Malaysian (and yes, that means you Kanivanan) 

A Typical Procrastination Conversation


On the contrary Kanivanan it is you who are procrastinating so... Fuck you.

We have raped this page, now haven't we. Someone will come to this page and wonder "who are these Ben and Kanivanancharacters?". Happy? You have made this page incompressible to outsiders. God, you mess everything up - Kanivanan

You spelled your name wrong and I'm the one who fucks things up? - Burt

At least I know what my name is. - Kanivanan

Real classy Kanivanan changing the history of the conversation. I remember you getting angry at some girl for doing that once on Facebook. - Ben

I love how we turned an innocent little article into a conversation. Moving on, no I did not. Do you have proof that I did? I didn't think so. And that girl didn't understand the meaning of the word facetious Don't you have a TOK essay to do? - Kanivanan

I made time for it later. Moving on. The girl you were arguing with about cancer fundraising lost her mother to cancer and you argued with her until she deleted all of her comments and left. Then you heckled her. Hypocrite. We all remember quite clearly. - Ben

One, what is a girt? Two, I never argued about fundraising. I never argued about cancer fundraising. I never argued with anyone who lost their mother to cancer. I never argued with anyone who lost a relative to cancer (about a cancer related topic that is). Next time, get your facts straight. By the way, shouldn't we be using fake names so that we don't compromise our identities? - Kanivanan

For one everything you just denied you did. Two, a girt is a spelling error. Three, there are a million 'Ben's. I feel safe. How about you Kanivanan. - Ben

Three, I feel safe as well :-D. Two, FAIL. One, no I did not, it was arguing about the usefulness of wearing purple on purple day. GET THE FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT. - Kanivanan

I think Ben is a closeted gay, and it intrigues me. -Neil

WTF?!?!- Hans Zillman on Neils seemingly gay tendencies.

"Hey Neil, whats your number?" - Mark

What the hell? How are these people? Are they like procrastinating or something?- Anon

Damn, french sucks. Doing a stupid PP project we do in gr 6, procastinatin!- Corey 

WTF. DONT SPEAK BACK AT YOUR TEACHERS OR YOU WILL GET SUSPENDED. Don't you know that freedom of speech does not exist?- Mrs. Urquhart

Procrastination to the max.


Satan, your just pissed off because I'm God. - God

You arnt God, I am - Allah

Suck It - Chuck Norris

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