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Princess KTT
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Basic info
Official name: MTR Princess KTT
(former KCR Princess KTT)
Courtesy name: Princess KTT
Born in: Switzerland and Japan
Mainly active in:
Affiliated org.:
  • MTR (2007-12-02 ~)
  • KCR (1997 ~ 2007-12-01)
  • Princess SP1900
  • Princess K-Train
  • Princess A-Train
  • Princess M-Train

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Ktt whitebluehd w7cars

The original form of Princess KTT while with its white-blue head in front.


MTR Scrabble Poster: Princess KTT (《KTT公主》 or 《九廣通公主》) , while with its red head in front.
This issue is licensed by "KCR Forever" team under a Creative Commons 3.0 Hong Kong license "Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 Hong Kong" ("by-nc-nd 3.0 HK").

Born from 1996, Princess KTT (Chinese: KTT公主 or 九廣通公主; Japanese: KTT王女 or 九広通王女) is the moë princess form of ktt (Kowloon-canton Through Train) double-decked push-pull train belonged to MeTRo Hong Kong (港鐵) (used to be belonged to KCR (Kowloon Canton Railway) before the merger of KCR and MTR on 2 December, 2007). Princess KTT show as a train daily but there are some records that Princess KTT left the railway and rushed onto the pedestrian way for self-walk.

edit History

KCR Corporation invited bids for trains in demand of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway (廣深鐵路) electrification. SLM Winterthur and ABB Zürich from Switzerland won the bid and were responsible to manufacture the locomotives of Princess KTT, whereas Kinki from Japan won the bid and was responsible to manufacture the coaches of Princess KTT.

edit Power

With only herself and without any coach, Princess KTT can accelerate from static to 100km/h in 8 seconds only as maximum. Even Asafa Powell has to sigh with regret!

With coaches, she can run at speed 160km/h as maximum (it can be 240km/h as maximum in principle but it is slowed down because of considering the bone strength of coaches). The time spent for running from Hung Hom Station HONG KONG to Guangzhou East Station CHINA is approximately 105 minutes. This is the data while Princess KTT running with 5 first-class coaches and 2 executive-class coaches (Under normal demand, Princess KTT run with 7 coaches only. However, during peak season, the number of coaches will be expanded to 8 or 9. ).

Before the Chiruhao (CRH; 恥辱號) checked in to Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, Princess KTT is the second fastest runner on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway (the champion is X2000 but X2000 reduced its running speed later so X2000 is drawn with Princess KTT).

edit Major incidents

Before the year 1998, since the progress of electrification of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway had not been being known well, KCR specially arranged Princess KTT to provide local first-class deluxe service from Lo Wu Station to Hung Hum Station in the morning, let the commuter passenger in Hong Kong get the felling of the noble disposition of Princess KTT ahead.

On 14 April, 2006, Princess KTT was going to run from Hung Hom Station to Guangzhou East Station. On the way she crashed a person who exceeded the emotional? bounds into death when she was running at the section of immortal village (仙村). Then the fatality had its head and its body separated where its head had been tightly sticking on the genitals of Princess KTT and finally was removed by the staff.

edit De-KCRization

Before the merger of KCR and MTR on 2 December, 2007, Princess KTT faced the fate that having her KCR logo cut away and replaced with MTR logo, indicating that the Princess KTT will donate herself to MTR afterwards.

edit Self-walk report

Some reliable sources said that the Princess KTT left the railway and rushed onto the pedestrian way for self-walk:

  • 27 April, 2008, in Portas do Cerco, Macau
  • 22 November, 2008, in Hong Kong Railway Museum, being the second youngest railway showpiece in the museum
“Why does a train can do self-run?”
~ surprised by kids
“Why does the KTT train running usually between Guangzhou East and Hong Kong, come to Macau for no reason?”
~ surprised by citizens in Macau
“There is no any heavy railway in Macau, but how come there is a heavy railway vehicle coming?”
~ surprised by citizens in Macau
“Just having served for ten years, how come KTT gets into the museum so fast?”
~ surprised by guests in Hong Kong Railway Museum

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