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~ Crloline on Prince of Waffles
“It makes good money.”
~ Prince of Waffles on Benzocaine Production
“Waffles are God *__*”
~ That one person on Prince of Waffles
“Wait, did you just quote my favourite little town in Italy?”
~ Oscar Wildebeest on Prince of Waffles
~ Crloline on Where Sterrence lives
~ Sterrence on Liek... above, yo
“There are more waffle people than me? OH MY GOD!”
~ Thaddeus T. Wafflebottom on The Prince Of Waffles

The Prince of Waffles is an insane historical figure to whom many accomplishments have been incorrectly accredited, including the invention of Pop-Tarts and the number 42. Recently, he was also credited with the discovery of the United States of Bulimia, the Heimlich manoeuvre, and the word manoeuvre.

edit Waffle Kingdom

The Prince of Waffles, or Jesus, as he is formally called, is the current heir of the Waffle Kingdom. The kingdom was once at war with the Pancake Empire, but declared a truce after two minutes (no one was really in the mood), instead pursuing a mutual assault against the Dictatorship known as MSN or M. Satan North.

edit Pancake Empire

The Pancake Empire, once rejected by the Waffles for not being toaster-compatible, are now allied with them in a effort to thwart MSN and its heir, the criminally bland Windows Messenger. So far the war has been largely ineffective (This may be due to the Prince's benzocaine plantation). However, steps are being taken to ensure that never again will such a joyless and counter-productive villain be allowed to exist.

edit The Prince's Role in it all

As of the year 2006, Prince Jesus, who is also the self-appointed King Of Tenure, has been overseeing trades between the two nations, mostly of maple syrup and tacos. Other that that, nothing much is known about the Prince's duties. It has recently been discovered that the Prince does, in fact have tenure over something besides the word Sterrence: Christmas. And your favourite little town in Italy.

edit The Back Story

The Prince of Waffles was born Sterrencetyfive years ago, under the name of Grue. It was then changed to Jesus due to legal binding documents stating that Crloline, Duchess of Pancakes, has played tic-tac-toe against a Grue. The CanadaWaffle Kingdom is in a heated battle with the Grues, but one Grue is on the side of the POW. His name is Domo-Kun. He has p'owned your favourite little town in Italy in Halo, but has been known to be a spawn-killer. Sterrence is also in the war, however, he stays behind with POW as a strategist. POW often goes out into battle armed with his infamous Sash of Waffles and Staff of Syrupy Goodness while shouting his infamous battle cry: "PLEASE SHUT THE DOOR!". Domo-Kun, alongside POW and Chives On Top Of Me, goes into battle as well. Unfortunately, the wars still rage, and you were blown up by a Prinny, but Nobody Cares. Domo-Kun is a Lv.45 Pikachu, POW is a Black Mage, and Chives On Top Of Me is a Mesmer.

edit Other Incorrectly Accredited Accomplishments

edit Accomplishments He Did Not Make, But Were Credited To Him

Microwave ovens, The Dewey Decimal System, Ivory Soap, Ebony Soap, Waffles, Syrup, Uncyclopedia, Litchi Berries, Litchi Pies, Independence Day (Movie), Independence Day (Day), Independence Day (Boston Pizza 2-4-1 Special), Germans, I'm a Barbie Girl (Song), I'm a Barbie Girl In German, Your Mom.

edit Accomplishments He Did Make, But Were Not Credited To Him

Incandescent Soups, Tim Hortons, Grues, Eurgs, Wiktionary, Several annoying children's shows, Germany, Aunt Jemima's Syrup, Yogurt, Yoghurt, Undeniable Proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is, in fact, a Jew, Treri Dixxon, Tech Support that gives good help and doesn't take 3 days to talk to an actual human being (Extinct), Democracy, Oompa Loompas, Vegetables, Being funny and not just stupid.

edit Accomplishments He Did Not Make, And Were Not Credited To Him

Ottomans, Dickies, Charlestons, Smiths, Zavislaks, Nazis, You, Me, Commas, CAPITAL LETTERS, Exclamation Points!!.

edit Contact Information

You're on benzocaine. Thanks for buying! If you have any questions or complaints, please call 1-800-Nobody Cares. If our receptionist, Jenny Craig, is unavailable, please try again in 5 or 10 minutes. She's usually done Kitten Huffing by then.

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