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A Prince Rupert's Drop (notice how it looks like sperm).

A Prince Rupert's Drop is a tough glass bead that's made by dripping molten glass into cold water. The drops are named after Prince Rupert, who discovered them by trying to make a large replica of the sperm, in which he somewhat succeeded. While all of this occurred in 1660, it is now known that he was not the first person to discover this, in fact, he was the third. The first was Jesus Christ, but he told nobody about his greatest secret, although it can be found in one of the many pages of the Bible. The second was Michael Jordan in the movie Space Jam, where instead of travelling to the looney tunes, he travelled back in time and discovered the Prince Rupert's Drop, and handed the idea over to Prince Rupert. Unfortunately they cut this part out of the movie, as it took several years for Michael Jordan to get back to the future. In fact, he did this by creating the game of golf, but that's for a different time.

edit Invincibility and how to destroy one

A Prince Rupert's Drop may look like it would shatter if hit by a hammer, but if you thought that, you were wrong, nerd!. Instead, it would actually survive the impact, because science. The only way to effectively destroy a Prince Rupert's Drop is to mess with it's tail, yes it's tail. If you mess with it's tail, it will shatter from the tail down, and watch out, it goes fast. It also does this because science.


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