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Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later the Prince Chiropractor (26 August 1819 – 14 December 1861) refers to Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel, the husband, not to mention the cousin, of Queen Victoria.

Lately, Prince Albert also refers to something really nasty that a man can have done[1] to his male member. Prince Albert has starred in hundreds of porno movies, on the assumption that it will be arousing to watch the machinations of mutilated bodies. This became fashionable after productions involving actors with mere tattoos and piercings did not make back their investment.

Combed Doughnut

A Prince Albert. (Non-titillating CGI rendition.)

Ironically, the original Prince Albert did not have a Prince Albert. What happened to him is that his was lopped off entirely, just beneath the glans,[2] during the Battle of Bosworth. Psychologists are divided on why some mature men wish to relive the most awful day in Prince Albert's life (up to the point where Prince Albert's attacker circled back and ran him through entirely).

At any rate, none of the professional hue-and-cry about removing more vestigial parts of the male anatomy has surfaced regarding this more serious swordplay.

edit Notes

  1. No man should attempt to do this to his own male member, because if he slips, various bodily functions will be infeasible without a long period of physical therapy, doing things you really don't want to do with your therapist watching.
  2. This detailed information comes to us through the diligent work of the British Historical Society.

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