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Ain't he just the most affable, charming, fun-loving psychotic fascist monster you ever did see?

THE FUHRER IS A HOMONCULUS called Wrath,(pride in the anime that had a retarded plotline) is a psychic, visually-impaired, sword fetishist who's in 99.999999% of the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga and .0000001% of the FMA Anime, not counting his incarnation as a Jewish filmmaker. He's mainly popular for his ability to, in classic manga fashion, carry around way too many swords.

The preceding paragraph may contain spoilers.

His sword fetish has been the subject of many Ron Jeremy documentary films portraying his hidden life as an Envy tease and a Lust connousieur when he wasn't busy Fuhrer-ing. Ah, that Fuhrer would thrust his sword into almost anything if the whim took him, including Alphonse Elric, who is still attending therapy over the incident. The Fuhrer defended himself saying the incident was purely platonic.


Manga: Wrath(known as "Wrath" in this incarnation, though it's hardly consequential; he's the same old homicidal maniac) basically kills everyone. He stabs Greed 4,567,982 times and then crucifies him, for example, kills off all his friends and everyone he cares about, runs up a telephone pole to stab a Ninja chick, and otherwise does a lot of death-dealing. He even talks about wanting to kill Maes Hughes daughter for whining way the hell too much. He also not only controls and manipulates everyone in the world's actions, he lets them know he's doing it to give himself a challenge. He's also angsty because he's getting older, because angst is the third main ingredient of FMA, right after ink and plot inconsistencies. Oh, and apparently, his son is actually a homunculus, too, and the leader to boot! Who knew? And, if that wasn't weird enough, his real name is Pride, which really drives home the earlier point about plot inconsistencies.

Anime: Pride kills two people. He mainly sits at the end of his council table and broods. He also smiles cheerfully when not looking evil. He also gets burned to death by Mustang and his own skull due to a lack of carrying way too many swords.


Supposedly in the manga he will die by being dismembered alive, as per Dante's FMA Manga Storyboard Direction/Inferno (1576). In the anime he gets burned over and over and over and over by a Roy Mustang, possibly due to his lack of carrying way too many swords.

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