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State-of-the-art Transportation Vehicles can often be found in Bus Garages. This isn't the case with Potter's Bar. But here, a sad anorak plays pocket billiards over three metrobuses.

“Is this bus going to Cockfosters?”

Potters Bar Bus Garage is the northernmost bus garage in the London Transport empire. Staffed by a motley crew of social rejects, it runs many London transport bus routes in the north of London, all of which have been convicted of causing the Cuban Missile Crisis and the death of the Elephant Man.

Poles, nonces, and foriegn terrorist rejects are the mainstay of staff. Some of the nonces at the depot are recruited from Suffolk, a county in the east of England populated by inbreds, sexual deviants, and the ubiqutous Village Idiot.

This is now the norm, with staffing at bus depots with the influx of economic migrants doing the long shifts and increasing lower pay within the bus industry which has put off many workers.

edit Storage Capacity

The garage holds 108 buses, two tramps, and a resident Yardie drug dealer. Karl Bertouche runs London bus routes 82, 84, 217, 231, 234, 263, 384, W8, W9, school routes 626 and 634, and Nightbus route N20. It also runs buses outside of LT's remit, which are bus routes 84 and 242.

Of the routes outside of LT's remit which run from Potters Bar, the 84 runs from Barnet to St. Albans, which lets the drivers ogle rich young schoolgirl totty who travel to St. Albans from the outlying Hertfordshire/Barnet million-pound mansions.


The number 82 to North Finchley.

edit The RouteMonster Experiment

In 1981, the notorious "RouteMonster Bus" experiment took place. Twenty-two AEC RouteMaster buses were converted into RouteMonsters for use on the 82 from North Finchley to Victoria. The RouteMonsters were to drive straight over the top of any BMW's and Audi's which impeded progress against the bus's timetable.

The experiment was short-lived and all RouteMonsters were withdrawn from service. Rather than balloon tires, London Transport decided to use, what else? new regulations and lane restrictions to keep lanes of Finchley Road, Baker Street, and Park Lane completely empty, on the off chance that a bus should amble along and need them.

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