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A reaction against postmodernism caused by a general boredom with David Lynch films. The one defining feature of Post-postmodernism is that it is a reaction against postmodernism (which itself a reaction against modernism) but also it isn't.

edit Early development

“After watching the entire twin peaks in one night, well man. I'd just had enough, the whole season was building up to who killed Laura Palmer and in the end they just pulled a culprit out of their arse, and this whole ""Black Lodge"" thing, what the fuck did that have to do with anything. You cant just shove random shit in front of cameras and call it a film, whats next a clown smoking a fucking cigarette or something. Something has to be done about all this shit.”
~ Landscaper and pioneering post-postmodernist Tom Turner calling the masses to arms against stupid television

Post-postmodernism was early on used as an excuse for architects to stop having to make complicated and original buildings and return to that simple geometry we all know and love. Tom Turner coined the phrase Buildings just like granny used to make to help advertise it within the architectural community (Known as one of the least noob friendly communities and frequent breakers of Godwin s law). Post-postmodernism has yet to enter mainstream notoriety but however soon caught on in architecture and spread to other areas of art, literature, film, and cooking.

edit In art

Post-postmodernist art is unique in an art form in that its yet to be invented, though there has been some discussion over the virtues of it as an art form and already art critiques have begun criticizing it while yearning for a return to Renaissance era brushwork. Unless of course that's what it is. In which case it will be criticized for being dull and not challenging. When post-postmodernist art is invented it will be known as one of the key art movements and perhaps the only art movement of the early 21st century. Though high school teachers, art museum curators and purists will fail to appreciate it for a good 50 years after its eventual decline.

edit In literature

Russian-American post-postmodernist Mikhail Epstein is considered the only author to have written a post-postmodernist essay. Russian Drag-modelism Mikhail asserts that in the post-postmodernist future absolutely everyone and everything will be a transsexual. Books, bridges, boys, girls, lecturers and even the humble barbie doll will all be undergoing hormone replacement therapy and spending increasing amounts of time perfecting Passing. He also predicts that in this time all school children will have a mandatory semester course at secondary level for Pronoun education and misgendering will be a federal offense in most developed nations. Mikhail also writes that intangible concepts like idealism and spirituality will also become trans.

edit Film

Post-postmodernist cinema basically encompasses any piece of film which is a direct reaction against a David Lynch film. The first of its kind Beige Velvet is known for its lack of Kyle MacLachlan, creepy visuals that don't quite make sense, Americana, and pseudo jazz soundtrack. Other post-postmodernist films follow a similar vain.

edit Cooking

Surprisingly post-postmodernism despite postmodernism not managing to do so has had considerable influence on the international cooking community. Tv chefs on popular programs such as MasterChef have been quick to embrace whatever post-postmodernism is. Post-postmodern cuisine has been described as.

“ I'm not really sure what this is can i have some mash please?”
~ Ian Anderson after first trying a post-postmodernist dish named x
“ I'm either way with this but also no way”
~ Discordian Wizard Robert Anton Wilson
“ Not exactly very postmodern is it?”

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