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This is a list of DYK's for Portal:Games/Sonic. It probably needs more work right now.

edit List

  • ....In the beginning, there was Zork. Zork begat Space Invaders, Space Invaders begat Asteroids, Asteroids begat Pac-Man, and Pac-Man begat the NES; the NES begat three sons, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong begat Mario, and Sega grew jealous of Nintendo’s legacy. Sega begat the Master System in its envy. Being a child of envy, the Master System was an abomination, but it begat a twin: the Mega Drive and the Genesis. The Mega Drive in Japan/Europe/rest of the world begat Sonic the Hedgehog, while the Genesis in America did exactly the same thing.
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