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Welcome to Uncyclopedia's Pregnancy portal.

The home of all sick abortion jokes, retarded mpreg jokes, and creepy pregnancy erotica pregnancy related articles on Uncyclopedia.


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Pregnancy is a nine month period in a woman's life when she feels compelled to devour people whole, alive, and without chewing. The cause is a natural one, but is usually triggered after sexual intercourse.

History has strongly been affected by Pregnancy and it has plagued humanity for many years. The eating of people often caused annoyance, especially to those who had been eaten. This meant that homosexuals and virgins became more prolific since lovers were usually the first to be eaten.

Since then, it has been accepted as a natural part of life, and even a fetish known as pregnophilia has been based around it. Nonetheless, consumption of other humans remains considerably controversial, with predators often needing to hide the fact that they are out to eat people. Many pregnant women who have been interviewed on the subject described eating people is a sensual experience which they cherish, and nowadays they see others as mere snacks for themselves. Although, details are sketchy since most interviewers are devoured before they can report. Nonetheless, most women believe that they have every right to eat people due to the fact that they also supply sex and slavery for men. Effectively, this causes the world to in fact, be ruled by women. (more...)


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Sonic is pregnant again.


Did you know that:

  • ...The Ovum is the sexiest part of the female body?
  • ...Stillbirth proves that God has a sense of humour?
  • ...Supergirl has nothing to do with pregnancy, its about vore. However, somebody had a hissyfit when I suggested a separate vore category?

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