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Newtis Newtfield (born April 7, 1967) is the 45th president of the United States. He is the first American President with recognized non-mammalian ancestory, the first president from the National Newt Party, and the first president who was not a member of the Republican or Democratic parties since Millard Fillmore.

As his name suggests, President Newtis Newtfield is a newt: a large semi-aquatic amphibian very similar in appearance to a salamander. However, newts retain their gills into adulthood and prefer to dwell almost exclusively in human uteruses, whereas salamanders most often live in fresh water ponds, streams, and marshlands. (more...)


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Preggobear stalking

Preggobear stalking his prey


Did you know that:

  • ...The Ovum is the sexiest part of the female body?
  • ...Coat Hangers are used to fight over-population?
  • ...Gay Luigi is a pawn of Satan, gay, has many sexy forms, and as of today, can spray magical pee in people's faces?

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