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Born again is a term used to describe a non-Christian who has become a Christian by undergoing a second birth. Tired of their life of sin, the potential born-again discards their current social position and corporeal form, and embarks upon a recreation of the birthing process, hoping that when their soul arrives in its new body, they will be a God-fearing, God-loving follower of ancient Judeo-Christianic ramblings.

People seek to be born again for lots of different reasons. Many find that they are unable to ascribe meaning to their lives, and so look to invisible, vengeful beings and their unusual Earthly ambassadors to fill in the gaps. Others struggle to come to any kind of ethical or moral outlook without religion to guide them, and do it to prevent themselves from going about killing and raping others willy-nilly. To some, religion, and going to church specifically, are great ways of meeting interesting new people. Unfortunately church-goers tend to be a little prudish, but the attraction probably lies in their gullibility. And finally, many choose to suddenly find religion because they are terrified of the fact that we are all surely going to Hell, if there even is an afterlife, that is. As the old saying goes, there are no Atheists on sinking ships. (more...)


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