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A technique of abortion infamous for the controversy it elicits, antbortion originated among the Navajo Indians in the mid- to late 14th Century, when Europe was dealing with the bubonic plague and didn't have time to develop interesting abortion techniques involving insects. The desert climate and lack of sophisticated abortive materials such as clothes hangers were perfect conditions for antbortion to thrive, and up until the white man's arrival, it was the preeminent method of abortion used by the Navajo.

Antbortion is a procedure that is highly difficult to perform, but is highly rewarding physically, mentally, and spiritually. Theoretically, an antbortion requires only ants and an enquiring mind. However, there are several tools and apparatuses that can be used to enhance the experience for all parties. In his best-selling book, "Antbortion for Fun and Profit," Navajo chief Munching Papoose describes several different levels of difficulty for performing an antbortion. (more...)


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  • ...The Ovum is the sexiest part of the female body?
  • ...Abortion is FUN?
  • ...Gay Luigi is a pawn of Satan, gay, has many sexy forms, and as of today, can spray magical pee in people's faces?

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