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iCarly (a.k.a. iCarly: The College Years, iCarly: The Next Generation, iCarly in Space, iCarly Kidz, iCarly: Back to the Future, iCarly and the Neels, and iCarly Reborn) is an American preteen sitcom currently on Nickelodeon. Originally, it was a light-hearted comedy about kids who host their own webshow. It then went through a period in which the giant mutant newt growing in Carly's belly was the chief focus. Many of the former fans have asserted the show degenerated during this period into a series of "very special episodes", and the original webshow idea had been almost totally eclipsed by Carly's newt gestation. Recently, it has become focused more of action and sci-fi themes, although Carly's newt gestation still play a key role.

It originally starred Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, Jenette McCurdy as Sam Aran, the great Benson as Freddie Benson, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, and John Tulane as Mark Matzko. Later, several giant mutant newts which lived in Carly's belly, Chippy the wily chipmunk, and several minor characters were added to the cast.

The show was so successful that it spawned a spin-off based on the "show-within-a-show" called cAlvin and the Chipmunks. Chippy the wily chipmunk was transferred to the show in an attempt to boost ratings; however it was canceled after just nine episodes, partly due to the Catholic Church condemning it for featuring Satanic talking animals. (more..)


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Mushroom Mishap

Never eat magic mushrooms while pregnant.


Did you know that:

  • ...According to some theologians, being born again requires unbirth?
  • ...Abortion is a simple, quick, and painless medical procedure in which an unwanted fetus is removed from its mother and discarded, and it has been known to cause an intense, euphoric sensation in women?
  • ...Supergirl has nothing to do with pregnancy, its about vore. However, somebody had a hissyfit when I suggested a separate vore category?

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