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Preggobear stalking

Preggobear born Milton Hebert Bear is anthropomorphic teddy bear (Ursus theodorus), and a close relative of the more famous pedobear. Unlike pedobear who is a pedophile, Preggobear is a pregnophile, ie he is sexually attracted to pregnancy. He is often confused with his cousin, pregobear, who is attracted to jars of a certain brand of spaghetti sauce, and pregnant-bear, who is a bear that happens to be pregnant.

Milton Hebert Bear was born into a typical family of bears. His early childhood was uneventful, but in his adolescence, he noticed that we was different from other bears somehow. He was not carnally attracted to most girls like other male bears his age. However, he find pregnant bears (and humans) strangely attractive. Milton attempted to conceal his unnatural and perverse desires though out his teenage years. (more...)


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