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Are you always losing at Scrabble? Getting beaten by your 4-year-old cousin? Sucks, doesn't it? I have been in the same position as you, but I decided to do something about it. I came up with a quick simple way to win at Scrabble.

In the past, many people have tried to come up with a way of cheating to win strategically at this game, but their ideas have failed horribly.

However, using the new technologies out today, there are endless opportunities to cheat at Scrabble. This HowTo will just show you some of them.

You, however will need some resources, and possibly work for/be the owner of, Oxford Dictionaries. Other things that would come in handy are: a friend that will back you up, lack of internet, lack of "real" resources, time, having no social life (but, when you come to play the game, you will need some kind of social life.)

These resources that you will prepare yourself, will take a small time to prepare, but produce great results when playing with intellectual friends from work. (more...)


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Uncyclo-tan lost The Game, and so it did you.

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...The Lost Vikings are a group of sports newscasters who were once under the employment of Blizzard Sports News. Consisting of Erik "The Swift" Ronnson, Olaf "The Stout" Starke, and Baleog "The Fierce" Gundersenn, the three worked together effectively to bring the world amusing coverage of many sports topics.

...Grand Theft Audio is a 2007 video game produced by a small development studio formed within the Recording Industry Association of America.

...An ancient and dangerous sport from which modern day curling is derived, the Kitten hurling battle originated in the steamy jungles of what is now Quebec as a mating ritual of the Aztecs.

..."The Teletubbies, also known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (and "Satan's Little Cousins" to their frustrated rivals), led Notre Dame to two football National Championships between 1920 and 1924." is the first sentence of a featured article. Seriously!!!


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A promotional poster for the 2008 Drunk Olympics


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